TotalPatent Releases New Enhancements

Patent research and retrieval system TotalPatent has updated its platform with new functionality that gives users greater control over their data. Read on for a more detailed report. Continue reading


Patent Search System News Round-up, September 2014

Do you want to know about the latest updates to major patent search systems? Intellogist has the scoop for the most recent updates to popular subscription patent search platforms, including, Thomson Innovation, PatBase/PatBase Express, and TotalPatent. We also have exciting news about free patent search tools, such as the chemistry patent system SureChEMBL and the US patent litigation search tool RPX Search.

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A New Intellogist System Report on PatSeer: Top 5 Highlights!

A new Intellogist System Report on PatSeer, a patent search and analysis platform created by Gridlogics, is now available!  Gridlogics, who also created the patent analysis platform Patent iNSIGHT Pro, launched PatSeer in May 2012.  PatSeer coverage includes INPADOC bibliographic and abstract patent coverage, plus full text coverage of 15 patent authorities, as well as additional image, family data, legal status information, citation data, and corporate tree information. PatSeer is a relatively new patent search system that includes a variety of search interfaces, collaboration tools, and analysis options that both novice and advanced searchers will find intuitive and easily accessible.  The Coverage Map and Quick Tables on Intellogist have also been updated with information on PatSeer, so compare PatSeer’s coverage and features with similar patent search tools!

Continue reading to learn about some of the unique features of PatSeer highlighted in the Intellogist Report, such as the in-depth filtering options and the Patent Dashlets™ (business dashboards) that can be shared with colleagues and clients!

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Google Products, IP Organization Sites & more – Updated Intellogist Resources

Last year, 39 categories were added to the Intellogist Community Reports to help users browse these informational articles based on:

The collection of Community Reports has grown to over 485, so the Intellogist team decided to add additional categories to organize these reports on various prior art search resources by additional criteria like data producer, website type, and non-patent literature data type.  Do you want to know which Community Reports cover Google products or EPO products?  Or do you want to find all Community Reports on US government websites?  Now you can, using the 16 new categories added to the Intellogist Community Reports.

After the jump, view a full list of new categories used to organize these reports on a wide variety of patent and non-patent literature search and analysis tools!
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New Intellogist Report on!

We’ve just released an Intellogist Report on an important patent search system,!  Check out the new Intellogist Report to learn all the coverage details about this major player in the patent search system field:

Search for industrial designs on the DesignFinder module of the Orbit platform.

  • Learn about the unique FamPat file hosted on the platform, which organizes records into invention-based FamPat families and includes additional indexing through Key Content (Object of the invention, Advantages of the new invention and Drawback of prior art, and Independent claims) and Key Concepts.

Continue reading for an overview of more content from the Intellogist Report, plus a quick snippet from the report which outlines some of the strengths and weaknesses of this major patent search tool!

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Major Updates to TotalPatent!

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] TotalPatent (created by LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc) is a large player in the patent search system field, and the it’s undergone a number of major updates in the last year.  The TotalPatent System Report on Intellogist is now fully updated, and you can read in detail about the new coverage and features available on the TotalPatent interface.  Broader coverage has been added to TotalPatent, and the system’s bibliographic collection features 100 patent authorities, including 30 in full text. New analytical tools, such as the option to compare and analyze up to three search result sets, and new organizational options, like the ability to create sub-folders and search within a work folder, have also been added to TotalPatent.

After the jump, get a taste of the latest coverage, search, download, analysis, and organizational features available on TotalPatent that are featured in the updated System Report on Intellogist!

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The Latest Updates to STN (and Huge Changes to Come in 2012)

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] The STN System Report on Intellogist has been fully updated, and I’d like to highlight a few of the latest changes to the search platform (operated jointly by CAS and FIZ-Karlsruhe).  Changes occurred to both the databases  accessible on the platform and to the platform interfaces available to end users (STN Express, STN on the Web, and STN Easy). New full-text patent databases were added to the system, additional improvements were made to existing patent full-text databases, improvements were made to biosequence and chemical structure search options, and new Assistants and Wizards were added to STN Express and STN on the Web.  Also learn about the major changes coming to the STN platform in 2012, including discontinuations of older versions of the STN Express platform and a new STN platform coming at the end of 2012.

Continue reading to learn about the latest changes to the STN interface and data files, and read about the big plans for a new STN search platform!
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