Julie Cook

Julie Cook is the Vice President of Business Management at Landon IP. She manages the Intellogist Team and oversees the implementation of various other Landon products and initiatives.

Julie’s primary interests include keeping abreast of the latest developments in the intellectual property arena, increasing her knowledge of search engine optimization and content marketing techinques, and honing her leadership and business management skills. She is also a contributor to the Intellogist Twitter account, @Intellogist.

Are you ready to purchase a search system but dread spending hours testing each system and listening to sales reps tell you why their product is better?

Did you know that Intellogist contributors are available for hire through Intellogist Consulting Services?  We know patent and non-patent search systems inside and out and will help you make decisions that solve your problems and make good business sense. We’ll even negotiate contracts for you.

Your time and money are too critical to waste on the wrong search resources, especially in today’s tough economy. Let Intellogist Consulting Services help. We promise to find the search system that best meets your company’s needs.

To learn more about Intellogist Consulting Services, please complete our contact form using the subject “Request a Consultation” or call 703-682-4843.

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