Major Updates to TotalPatent!

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] TotalPatent (created by LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc) is a large player in the patent search system field, and the it’s undergone a number of major updates in the last year.  The TotalPatent System Report on Intellogist is now fully updated, and you can read in detail about the new coverage and features available on the TotalPatent interface.  Broader coverage has been added to TotalPatent, and the system’s bibliographic collection features 100 patent authorities, including 30 in full text. New analytical tools, such as the option to compare and analyze up to three search result sets, and new organizational options, like the ability to create sub-folders and search within a work folder, have also been added to TotalPatent.

After the jump, get a taste of the latest coverage, search, download, analysis, and organizational features available on TotalPatent that are featured in the updated System Report on Intellogist!

Coverage Updates:

  • U.S. front page images back file.
  • WO non-Latin collections in English full-text machine translations.
  • Seven additional patent authorities:
    • Additional full-text authorities:
      • EA (EurAsia)
      • IN (India)
      • MX (Mexico)
    • Additional bibliographic authorities:
      • BY (Belarus)
      • IS (Iceland)
      • KZ (Kazakhstan)
      • SM (San Marino)
  • You’ll also see CA (Canada) and CN (China) moved to the Major Authorities section on the search form.

The available full text and bibliographic authorities on TotalPatent.

Search Updates: 

  • Semantic Search identifies multiple concepts: The new semantic “brain” is now able to identify multiple concepts in a search query and return concept terms relevant to more than just one dominant concept.

Download Updates:

  • Download up to 5,000 documents in XML-ST.36 standard format.
  • Choose up to 500 original PDF documents for delivery and download.
  • Option to download original PDF front page only.

Analysis Updates:

  • The new Merge tool allows you to manually “normalize” data fields such as Assignee Name, Inventor Names, Classes, etc., for more thorough analysis and visualization.

Merge assignee names on TotalPatent.

  • Compare and analyze up to 3 search result sets.
    • Step 1: Run your search(es) and save your results to Analytics.
    • Step 2: In Analytics, select the result sets you want to analyze (up to 3 sets).
    • Step 3: Visualize, compare and contrast the different result sets by clicking on the interactive elements of the diagram.

View a Venn Diagram comparing up to three data sets.

Work Folder Updates:

  • Work Folders now show the number of records in the Folder and defaults to the most recently created Folder.
  • Search within a Work Folder.
    • Search within a folder, like using the Narrow feature.
    • Supports all search segments, logical and proximity operators, commands, truncation, etc.
  • Create sub-folders.
    • Export up to 20,000 records from main Work Folder to sub-folder.
    • No limit on number of sub-folders created.
    • Sort, Field Selection, De-Dupe, Report, Export, Analyze etc. functionality supported.
    • Search within a sub-folder.
  • Download claims from a Work Folder to CSV.
    • Export all claims (maximum 20,000 records) from a Work Folder into a CSV file.
    • Export Independent Claims from US applications, from 2001 forward, into a CSV.
    • Option to truncate Independent and All Claims to first 32,000 characters.

These are only a few of the updates to the TotalPatent System Report that we’ve highlighted!  Read the entire updated System Report on TotalPatent to learn about the latest coverage, search, download, analysis, alert features, and more.  Follow the most recent changes to TotalPatent through its Major Recent Updates section.

Which updates to TotalPatent do you find the most useful or innovative?  Let us know in the comments below!

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This post was contributed by Joelle Mornini. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.


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