Patent Search System News Round-up, September 2014

Do you want to know about the latest updates to major patent search systems? Intellogist has the scoop for the most recent updates to popular subscription patent search platforms, including, Thomson Innovation, PatBase/PatBase Express, and TotalPatent. We also have exciting news about free patent search tools, such as the chemistry patent system SureChEMBL and the US patent litigation search tool RPX Search.

Continue reading for the latest updates on both free and subscription patent search systems, after the jump!

PatBase/PatBase Express – September 2014 Update

The following features are new on PatBase as of September 2014:

  • PatBase Analytics – A PatBase analytics software package has been added to PatBase (under More options on the search history page) and PatBase Express (Analytics link at top of search results list) at no extra cost to subscribers which includes:
    • Technology, Assignee, Inventor, Classification and Keyword Concept analyses.
    • Export graphs and visuals or download raw PatBase data.
    • Toggle between chart and data views.
    • View by family or publication and display data for only certain document types.
    • Drill down within graphs.
    • Analysis available directly from search results.
    • Create analytics Dashboards with customizable Widgets.
    • Global and individual settings.
    • Assignee Groupings.
    • Real-time progress indicators show processing progression for large sets.
    • Detailed help files, tags/explanations for all graphs and tables, and support from global help desk.
The analytics dashboard on PatBase.

The analytics dashboard on PatBase.

  • GenomeQuest Integration – Users of both systems can now review biological sequence patents retrieved using GenomeQuest tools directly on PatBase. In GenomeQuest, select the new “Export to PatBase” option, and when you log in to PatBase, the upload number screen will automatically be populated with the extracted patent numbers for you to review in PatBase.
  • Display shared folders list in a tree hierarchy – Go to “rename folder” in the shared folder list to access this option.
  • Search folder content – The “Search Folder” link can be found at the top of the folder.
  • Similar Non-Patent Literature Web Search tool – New option under the “Similar” button to search similar non-patent literature online. The tool extracts key search terms from patent text and searches non-patent literature online for similar articles. The search runs over PatBase servers to ensure security and anonymity.
  • New version of PatBase Express – Use on PC, smartphone or tablet, and interface automatically adapts to screen size and orientation. Touchscreen users can swipe through search results and patent drawing carousels. Additional features include:
    • Legal status review functionality.
    • Interface enhancements – fixed toolbar, logoff function, more visible icons, and new color scheme.
    • Available in 7 languages.
    • Corporate Tree (Beta) – Data for corporate tree is derived from corporate relationship database compiled and maintained by Minesoft and RWS Group. The Tree currently covers over 2,300 top-level companies and 23,000 companies in total. The corporate tree will be added to regular PatBase this fall.
    • Upload numbers.
    • Previous searches functions.
    • Delete a private folder. – July 2014 Update

According to Questel release notes, the Orbit 1.9 release includes the following features:

  • Complete Database reload – Updates include:
    • Several FamPat family building algorithms improvements.
    • Further national office content aggregated into the bibliographic data; particularly additional assignee, inventor and representative names and addresses.
    • New fields integrated into the search page; earliest priority country, earliest application country, earliest publication country. Certain fields have either been modified or suppressed. You should therefore check the compliance of your saved search strategies. The following link provides a synthesis helping you identify such fields and modify your strategies.
    • Cleaner display of titles.
    • Cleaner display of dates.
  • Group a search result set by Extended Patent Families – The ability to group Lists by extended families, display the total number of extended and Fampat families in each result set, and move a result set which has been grouped by extended families to a List or Workfile.
Group  search results by extended patent families on

Group search results by extended patent families on

  • Search History for the design module – The Design search module now contains a search history display.
  • IP Business Intelligence – New IP Evaluation Module for “Portfolio Pruning” – This module uses a number of patent evaluation metrics to help identify a subset of weaker patents to be considered for abandonment from a portfolio. The Pruning module is an additional premium on top of an IP Business Intelligence subscription.
  • IP Business Intelligence: Data rules wizard – Once an analysis has been saved in the IP Business Intelligence module users can create rules which merge multiple assignees so that they appear on a single line on the chart. The Data Rules Wizard provides a number of ‘suggested groups’ automatically calculated based on textual similarity and the number of co-assignments which exist between the members of a suggested group. Users can browse through the pre-calculated list and select the groups they wish to implement in the analysis.
  • IP Business Intelligence: HTML 5 Map – Users with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 will now be able to view a new version of the IP Business Intelligence Map which runs off HTML 5 technology rather than Java.
  • IP Business Intelligence: A default set of My Charts – 19 default charts have been added to the “My Charts” menu in the IP Business Intelligence module.
  • IP Business Intelligence: Image Export for Node Charts – New option to download the node chart display as an image, and images now load much faster for users who are running the latest browser versions.

Thomson Innovation – April 2014 Update

The following features were added to the Thomson Innovation system during the Thomson Innovation Release 4.2 (2014-04-05):

  • Document Delivery Enhancements – New “Quick Order” options let you order patent documents using your delivery options in preferences, skipping the Document Delivery screen. The full Document Delivery process requires fewer steps now, and the retention period for orders that incurred charges is increased to 60 days.
  • Thomson Innovation Usability Enhancements – Operators and filters now display over the navigation panel, saving room on the primary screen. The navigation panel now shows one section at a time, eliminating need to scroll.
  • Patent Result Sets Numbered – Patent result sets now contain sequential numbering to help you identify individual records. Sorting or filtering a result set renumbers it. Result sets for patent families use two numbers separated by a period to identify records. The first number indicates the parent record, and the second number indicates the child record. For example, number 2.3 indicates the third record for the second family. Citation result sets add “F” or “B” behind the second number to indicate forward or backwards citations. For example, number 3.2B indicates the second backwards citation for the third patent record.
  • Alerts Recipient Enhancements – You can now enter multiple alert recipient email addresses directly on the Alerts Options screen; separate multiple email addresses with commas. Alert owners can now see a list of all alert email and saved work recipients in alert emails.
  • Improved Results when Searching Japanese Patent Publication Numbers using Imperial Years
  • Improvements to Subscription/Content Access Changes
  • New Search Aid for Citation Relevance Categories – A new Relevance Category search aid (browse tool) is available for the Citations field. Access it by selecting Citations on the fielded search form or from the Resources menu on the expert search form. This search aid replicates the Relevance Category search aid available for DPCI (available to users with access to DWPI).
  • DPCI Citation Count Fields Accept “0” – You can now use “0” when searching DPCI citation count fields. This allows you to search for records without DPCI citations.
  • Exclude Non-Requested DWPI Basic Records from DPCI Specialized Searches
  • Changes to US Citation Sources – US citation sources now more closely reflect the source codes from the USPTO. All data in Thomson Innovation now uses the following US source codes for search and display:
    • 11 – Examiner
    • 12 – Applicant
    • 13 – Third Party
  • CPC Primary and CPC Combination Code Fields Added

TotalPatent – March 2014 Update

In March 2014, the following enhancements were added to TotalPatent:

  • Expanded XML Delivery Options – The options to export up to 20,000 records to Intellixir® and VantagePoint have been added to the existing options. You can include more fields when exporting data with the addition of Clipped Image and Description. You are now able to zip records into a single or multiple files.
  • Improved custom highlighting tool – The icon has moved and is included with the group of icons to view, email, print, save, and add to folder. Custom highlighting opens in a new window and allows you to enable and disable feature on demand as well as offering 20 color choices, including pastel options. Supports numbers, dates and classification as well as text.
Updates to the customized highlighting on TotalPatent.

Updates to the customized highlighting on TotalPatent.


According to a recent blog post on The ChEMBL-og, commercially available SureChem chemistry patent system has migrated to a new, free-for-all system, known as SureChEMBL. The blog post gives a brief guide on how to use the new system.

SureChEMBL search form.

SureChEMBL search form.

RPX Search now links to RPX Search, a free US patent litigation search tool created by RPX Corporation. Users can search through a simple or advanced search form by patent litigation details (i.e. party names and case details), by entity details, or by patent details. Users can also create a free account to gain access to litigation document downloads and custom alerts for patents, litigations, and entities.

Search for patent litigation data on RPX Search.

Search for patent litigation data on RPX Search.

Do you know of any patent search system updates?

Let us know in the comments!
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