Gridlogics Releases New PatSeer Updates

Gridlogics has launched a new release of PatSeer, its patent search and analysis software, offering functionality and user interface enhancements. The new features include a new syntax operator, additional search field codes and custom tables. Read on for a more detailed report. Continue reading

TotalPatent Releases New Enhancements

Patent research and retrieval system TotalPatent has updated its platform with new functionality that gives users greater control over their data. Read on for a more detailed report. Continue reading

Thomson Innovation Releases New Update

Patent research services provider Thomson Innovation released a new update for its platform on June 28 2015, that includes enhancements to its database and new functionality. More on the update after the break. Continue reading

Find Patent Coverage Around the World with Intellogist’s Newly Updated Map

Intellogist’s Interactive Patent Coverage Map has been updated and overhauled with new content!

What is the Interactive Patent Coverage Map? Users can select a country or regional patenting authority by name or by clicking on the map to bring up a list of major known coverage providers for that specific entry. Information often includes the national patent office or related official site as well as the various offerings of coverage ranging from full text to bibliographic according to our scale.

interactive map

This is a condensed screenshot of the user interface for the interactive map.

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New Features in Thomson Innovation Reflected in Revised Report

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false]We recently profiled the new non-patent literature search options that were released on Thomson Innovation in August, and now the full Thomson Innovation System Report on Intellogist has been fully reviewed and updated!  Thomson Innovation is a sophisticated search platform created by Thomson Reuters that offers both patent and non-patent literature coverage, as well as a number of analysis tools. Since the last full update of the report, Thomson Innovation has seen multiple releases of new coverage, search, and viewing options, and the interface also got a completely new look in the fall of 2011.  Learn about important coverage updates, such as an enhanced Japanese language patent collection and new Canadian full-text coverage.  We’ll also look at a few of search and viewing features recently added to the system, such as enhancements to the custom fields tool and the new Quick View in the full record display.

After the jump, read about the newest coverage, search, and viewing features added to the Thomson Innovation platform!

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The Latest Updates to STN (and Huge Changes to Come in 2012)

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] The STN System Report on Intellogist has been fully updated, and I’d like to highlight a few of the latest changes to the search platform (operated jointly by CAS and FIZ-Karlsruhe).  Changes occurred to both the databases  accessible on the platform and to the platform interfaces available to end users (STN Express, STN on the Web, and STN Easy). New full-text patent databases were added to the system, additional improvements were made to existing patent full-text databases, improvements were made to biosequence and chemical structure search options, and new Assistants and Wizards were added to STN Express and STN on the Web.  Also learn about the major changes coming to the STN platform in 2012, including discontinuations of older versions of the STN Express platform and a new STN platform coming at the end of 2012.

Continue reading to learn about the latest changes to the STN interface and data files, and read about the big plans for a new STN search platform!
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How Can Patent Searchers Use Pinterest?

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] Social media is the new frontier that creative, collaborative patent professionals can use to network within the intellectual property field and learn about new resources for patent searching.  Many free online communities are built around the intellectual property field, such as Intellogist for patent searchers.  Should patent professionals stay encapsulated in their own insular communities, or can we find ways to share our love of patents with the wider world?  Many patent professionals are already using larger social media platforms to share their passion for intellectual property (just look at Intellogist on Twitter), and I propose that we carry that enthusiasm onto another quickly growing social media platform: Pinterest.

Pinterest, an image and link-sharing platform that is quickly growing in popularity, may not be the most likely spot for patent searchers to gather.  I’ve done a bit of searching around Pinterest, though, and I’ve found a few excellent examples of how patent enthusiasts can utilize Pinterest to share their interests in patents and patent searching.  Intellogist has also created its very own Pinboard about free patent search sites.

Read on to learn how patent professionals can begin to create a vibrant community of patent-related Pinboards on Pinterest!
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