Thomson Innovation Releases New Update

Patent research services provider Thomson Innovation released a new update for its platform on June 28 2015, that includes enhancements to its database and new functionality. More on the update after the break.

Release Highlights

Full-Text Coverage for Canadian Patents Expanded to 1978 (Effective July 26, 2015)

  • Full-text coverage for Canadian granted patents from 1978-present; bibliographic coverage from 1869-present.
  • Full-text coverage for Canadian patent applications from 1990-present.

The enhanced Canadian patent database is available on the record view and in exports. The records from this expanded database will not be available in alerts.

Enhanced System Notice Platform (Effective July 26, 2015)

Thomson Innovation made enhancements to its System Notice feature to provide more detailed information to its users about recent and upcoming changes to the platform.

Located on the left-hand side, the System Notice platform will also provide users links to frequently requested resources. An update indicator will inform users when changes have been made to these resources. In the event of an update, a notification will pop-up when users log-in to the platform.

New Coverage for British and French Granted Patents Added to Core Collection

  • Full-text coverage for new law British granted patents (kind code B) from 2002-present with bibliographic coverage from 1982-present.
  • Full-text coverage for new law French granted patents and utility models (kind code B) from 2000-present with bibliographic coverage from 1972-present; bibliographic coverage for French certificates of addition (kind code E) from 1902-1978.

Choose Language for Text Fields on Latin American Records

Users can now choose to display the original language, an English translation, or both the original language and an English translation in the Original Title, Abstract, Claims, and Description fields on Latin American records. To select the language users want displayed, they will need to click the drop down toggle next to the PDF download icon and select the option.

This option will only be available to Latin American collection subscribers viewing Latin American patents in Full View.

Quotation Marks Now Allowed with Japanese-Language Search Terms

Users performing Japanese-language search in Smart Search will now be able to use quotation marks to signify that they want multiple words to be taken as a single term.


The release notes also document the resolution of issues from previous releases and current open issues. Click here to visit the Thomson Innovation page on the release update.


What do you think of the new Thomson Innovation release? Let us know in the comments below!
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