Gridlogics Releases New PatSeer Updates

Gridlogics has launched a new release of PatSeer, its patent search and analysis software, offering functionality and user interface enhancements. The new features include a new syntax operator, additional search field codes and custom tables. Read on for a more detailed report.

The latest release of PatSeer comes with the following enhancements and features:

Search Enhancements:

  1. Combine Natural Language Searches with Boolean Searches – PatSeer users will now be able to combine Boolean Searches with their Natural Language Query. The NLPH/NLPM/NLPS Query Modifiers will give users access to free text searchers just like any other field.
  2. New Syntax Operator – The new release incorporates Underscore, a new syntax operator that allows users to match three types of combinations between words – single word, hyphenated word or exact match.
  3. Additional Search Field Codes – The release added two new combined search fields to enhance searching across Title, Abstract, Independent Claims/Full Claims and Examples.
  4. Quick Search Query Preview – Users can now preview their final search queries and observe how the search fields are combined as they type the query using the live previewer.

Result View Enhancements:

  1. Support for Multiple Custom Views
  2. Support for new List Type Custom View
  3. Query Builder in Filters – Users will be able to create sub-queries using the query builder while viewing search results or when filtering insider projects.

Custom Field Enhancements:

  1. Users can now customize the custom field layout by rearranging the enabled custom fields in a grid/tabular style view in order to prioritize fields and make browsing records easier.
  2. Custom Tables – Custom Tables are designed to allow users to capture complex relationships on a per-record basis and save relational multi-valued data.


Have you tried the new enhancements released by PatSeer? Let us know in the comment below.
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