Top 5 PatBase Update Highlights

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] A full review of the PatBase System Report on Intellogist was recently completed, and now you can check out all the new updates that have been added to PatBase.  From new full-text country coverage to a Visual Explorer tool, PatBase has added patent data and new search, viewing, and analysis features to improve your patent search experience.  We’ve mentioned that the PatBase updates were some of the best patent search gifts of 2011, so let’s explore a few of these innovative features.

After the jump, learn about the top five PatBase updates in the fully-reviewed PatBase System Report!

1. Increased full-text country coverage: On the new “Available Full Text Coverage” page, you can learn about the updated full-text patent data now available through PatBase, including new full-text coverage for BE, BR, CA, CH, DK, ES, FI, IN, SE, TH, and TW patent documents.  Also learn about the Smart Claims feature,  previously only available for US full-text claims, which is now available for publications from all countries with full-text available.

2. Color-coded legal status tables: Legal status information for records in PatBase can be called up for free through the “status” link for each family record. The status window will display the INPADOC legal status data for the family, including a color-coded and searchable table of all recorded legal events (including PRS codes (PDF)) for family documents. The Legal Status table also include links (embedded in the document number for each event in the table) to external national legal status register sites, so that users can check the particular status of individual family members.

3. Non-Latin Text Search through the Command Line Interface: Users can “run Text, Assignee and Inventor searches in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Thai, in the original language with non-Latin characters” through the command line. The user must first specify the language using the 2 letter country code before entering the query in the command line. For example, to conduct an assignee search in non-Latin text in both non-Latin and machine-translated records of Japanese documents, the user would enter the following query: JP:PA=(フクスケ株式会社). Another example given in the PatBase manual is of a non-Latin text keyword search within the Title, Abstract, and Claims fields of Chinese non-Latin and machine translated records, which would be formatted as follows in the command line: CN:TAC=(用于进行体育运动的具有非均匀压迫作用的服装制品).

4. Custom User FieldsIn 2011, PatBase added the feature of Custom User Fields. According to the PatBase Manual, administrators can create up to 10 customized user fields per PatBase account, and these fields “can be made visible and searchable, if required, to all other PatBase users who have access to the same account.” PatBase administrators can search and edit all Custom User Fields, and non-administrators can search these fields if the administrator has granted them view/edit access.

5. Visual Explorer Tool: The Visual Explorer tool, which was integrated into PatBase in October 2011, is a “clustering and visualization tool” that allows users to view top keywords, applicants, and IPC classes (taken from the first 2000 records within a results set).

The Visual Explorer Tool in PatBase.

These are just a handful of the many updates listed in the fully-reviewed PatBase System Report.  Check out the full Report over at Intellogist!

What do you think is the new best PatBase feature of 2011?  Let us know in the comments!

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