The Intellogist blog is produced by a team of patent information professionals who work for Landon IP and have years of prior art searching experience. We’ve tried many patent search systems and tools, and we’ve got opinions about all of them! Here on our blog, we provide all the latest news from the Intellogist site, as well as our thoughts on developments of interest to the patent searching community. You can also find us on Twitter as @Intellogist.

If you enjoy our posts, consider joining the Intellogist community for more great patent and prior art search tips! Intellogist is an online community created and maintained by a group of editors at Landon IP to provide objective, subjective, and critical content regarding the world of prior art searching.

Landon IP is the global leader in professional patent searching, and we offer the most in-depth and customizable patent searches in the industry. We have a large, in-house, full-time team of experienced patent searchers and relationship managers; in addition to searches in English, we search in all major European and Asian languages, both online and on the ground. We make strategic use of dozens of search engines, databases, and libraries for both patents and non-patent literature and are highly skilled at finding obscure literature anywhere in the world. Our customers also benefit from our consultative, responsive, and high-touch project management approach to performing searches of all types. Landon IP literally wrote the book on patent searching – Patent Searching: Tools & Techniques is the top-selling patent search book on Amazon.com.

In addition to professional patent searching, Landon IP also provides our customers with other support services throughout the patent lifecycle, including patent analytics; global information retrieval; and patent, legal, and technical translations. We are headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, just a few blocks from the offices of the USPTO.

Contributors to the Intellogist Blog are:

Kristin Whitman

Christopher Jagalla

Dan Wolka

Julie Cook

Joelle Mornini

Abhishek Tiwari

Intellogist contributors are available for hire through Intellogist Consulting Services.

Are you ready to purchase a search system but dread spending hours testing each system and listening to sales reps tell you why their product is better?

Intellogist Consulting Services can help. We know patent and non-patent search systems inside and out and will help you make decisions that solve your problems and make good business sense. We’ll even negotiate contracts for you.

Your time and money are too critical to waste on the wrong search resources, especially in today’s tough economy. Let Intellogist Consulting Services help. We promise to find the search system that best meets your company’s needs.

To learn more about Intellogist Consulting Services, please complete our contact form using the subject “Request a Consultation” or call 703-682-4843.

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  1. […] Apart from the patent search tools mentioned above, here are several more as listed by Landon IP‘s blog – Intellogist: […]

  2. With reference to the case of Keith Taylor’s turn signal, I would expect that the clock stops ticking on a patent while it is being litigated.

    That is important, otherwise a litigant could simply cause delays to a case until their rival’s patent expires.

    (Likewise for warranties and guarantees, otherwise the time period during which, for example, an appliance, is unavailable to it’s owner due to a fault is subtracted from the warranty/guarantee period, e.g. if the clock does not stop and an appliance is under warranty service for 3 months, half a 6 month warranty/guarantee simply evaporates.)

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