The Latest Updates to STN (and Huge Changes to Come in 2012)

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] The STN System Report on Intellogist has been fully updated, and I’d like to highlight a few of the latest changes to the search platform (operated jointly by CAS and FIZ-Karlsruhe).  Changes occurred to both the databases  accessible on the platform and to the platform interfaces available to end users (STN Express, STN on the Web, and STN Easy). New full-text patent databases were added to the system, additional improvements were made to existing patent full-text databases, improvements were made to biosequence and chemical structure search options, and new Assistants and Wizards were added to STN Express and STN on the Web.  Also learn about the major changes coming to the STN platform in 2012, including discontinuations of older versions of the STN Express platform and a new STN platform coming at the end of 2012.

Continue reading to learn about the latest changes to the STN interface and data files, and read about the big plans for a new STN search platform!

Changes in 2011-2012

Improvements were made to both the data files on STN and to the available STN search platforms:

  • New Full-Text Patent Databases: AUPATFULL (full text of patent applications and patent specifications published by the Australian Patent Office from 1964 onwards), CANPATFULL (full-text of Canadian patent applications and patent specifications from 1920 onwards), and CNFULL (full-text of Chinese patent applications and patent specifications from 1985 onwards) were added to STN in the past year.  For a full list of all available full-text patent databases on STN, see this section of the Intellogist Report.
  • Improvements to Current Full-Text Patent Databases: The Major Recent Updates section of the STN System Report lists many improvements to the full-text patent databases on STN:
    • The PCTFULL file was reloaded in February 2011 and includes more content, like names, addresses and full-text in various languages (e.g. English translations of German, French, Spanish or Russian full-texts), plus a new search feature for numeric property search in full-texts.
    • PCTFULL, GBFULL and FRFULL have been enhanced with thesauri for the European Patent Classifications.
    • Rolled-up IPC Core Codes have been removed from the IPCR fields of EPFULL, FRFULL, GBFULL, PATDPAFULL, PCTFULL, and USPATFULL / USPAT2 / USPATOLD (as well as CA/CAplus and INPADOCDB / INPAFAMDB).
  • Improved Biosequence Searching – In May 2011, STN announced that “FIZ Karlsruhe has enhanced the performance for biosequence searches in the databases DGENE, USGENE and PCTGEN. Searches (RUN GETSEQ, RUN GETSIM, RUN BLAST, BATCH search) now run to completion in a fraction of the time you have been used to. The BLAST suite of programs has been upgraded to a newer version” (mpiBLAST 1.5.0).
  • Improved Chemical Structure Searching –  An updated Structure Plug-in (version 8.5) was made available in June 2011 and includes “improved structure drawing and searching capabilities.” In January 2012, STN announced that very large chemical structure images can now be viewed on STN on the Web and STN Express, Version 8.5.
  • New Assistant and Wizards were added to STN Express and STN on the Web:
    • The Patent Family Assistant (STN on the Web), added in June 2011, allows users to extract the first family member from each patent family, remove twin multiple basics from patent families, and customize displays of patent family results.
    • The Save Answers for SciFinder wizard (STN Express), added in August 2011 during the release of STN Express Version 8.5, transfers answers from STN to the web version of SciFinder.
  • Discontinuation of Older Versions of STN Express – In September 2011, it was announced that support and access to older versions 0f STN Express (below Version 8.4) would be discontinued beginning in March 2012.
New Platform
The CAS and STN International (FIZ-Karlsruhe) websites announced the development of a new STN platform, which is slated to be released as a beta version to STN fixed-fee customers in the fourth quarter of 2012.   The press release on both websites announces that the new platform will include:
  •  Project-oriented workflow.
  • Combined text and structure queries.
  • Simultaneous query and results interaction.
  • Real-time analysis of results.
  • Virtually no system limits.
The updated STN System Report details all of the changes to STN coverage and interface features, so check out all of the improvements to the platform over on Intellogist!
What features do you hope will be included on the new STN platform?  Let us know in the comment!

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This post was contributed by Joelle Mornini. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.


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