Find Patent Coverage Around the World with Intellogist’s Newly Updated Map

Intellogist’s Interactive Patent Coverage Map has been updated and overhauled with new content!

What is the Interactive Patent Coverage Map? Users can select a country or regional patenting authority by name or by clicking on the map to bring up a list of major known coverage providers for that specific entry. Information often includes the national patent office or related official site as well as the various offerings of coverage ranging from full text to bibliographic according to our scale.

interactive map

This is a condensed screenshot of the user interface for the interactive map.

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Intellogist Interactive Patent Coverage Map PSA

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Hi Intellogist readers!

A quick note for you regarding the Interactive Patent Coverage Map on Intellogist:

Earlier this week, an Adobe Flash release ( disrupted the functionality of the flash application that displayed the map. The error is limited to this version of Flash, and there is already a newer version available (, if not newer by the time you read this). If you have any difficulty getting the map to load, please update to the newest version of Flash. If you still have problems, feel free to contact us directly.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!

Updated Patent Coverage on PatBase

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Update: This post has been edited to reflect that PatBase is jointly operated by Minesoft and RWS Group.

As part of their recent system update (which went final on December 1st), Minesoft and RWS Group’s patent search system PatBase has touted their improved country coverage. These changes are ongoing, unlike the feature changes we covered in a previous blog post. Today we’ll take a look at some of the more interesting improvements.

Including more coverage is always a positive development for a patent search system (unless the data is corrupt or inaccurate). That being said, certain coverage serves to merely catch up to the competitive standard while other coverage nips at the heels of the state of the art or even pushes the envelope of patent coverage itself. Many systems are seeking to add more complete coverage for emerging markets such as BRICK (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Korea, and the many variants of this term). Mirroring economic development, these countries are the next frontier of patenting activity and thus are an essential part of a worldwide prior art search, a detail captured by the international and multi-lingual patent search team at Landon IP.

Read on to find out how the recent PatBase updates have impacted a couple of these key countries as well as an old standard collection!

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Interactive Patent Coverage Map Update

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Over on Intellogist, we’ve made an extensive update to our Interactive Patent Coverage Map. This tool allows you to click on a country to quickly find the known patent search systems which have been evaluated by Intellogist to determine coverage. Patent search systems are sorted by the type of coverage they offer (e.g., full text, bibliographic, etc.). Links to the country’s official patent authority are provided where possible and we’ve even provided information about any associated regional patenting authorities (especially helpful when there is no known electronic coverage of the country’s national patent collection).

In our recent update we’ve added several regional patent search sites as well as updated the information for a number of national intellectual property offices. There were over 20 countries updated, so read on to find out the latest in regional patent search sites!

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