TotalPatent Releases New Enhancements

Patent research and retrieval system TotalPatent has updated its platform with new functionality that gives users greater control over their data. Read on for a more detailed report. Continue reading

Patent Search System News Round-up, September 2014

Do you want to know about the latest updates to major patent search systems? Intellogist has the scoop for the most recent updates to popular subscription patent search platforms, including, Thomson Innovation, PatBase/PatBase Express, and TotalPatent. We also have exciting news about free patent search tools, such as the chemistry patent system SureChEMBL and the US patent litigation search tool RPX Search.

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Major August News Updates for Patent Searchers!

It’s been a busy summer for patent database providers, both free and subscription alike, and here are a few examples of the latest coverage and interface updates to some major patent search systems:

  • TotalPatent has added both additional coverage (such as full text of Taiwan patent data including English machine translation) and improved PDF retrieval options.
  • Users can now view an download PDF images from the USPTO Full Text and Image Database.
  • The patent collections of Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been added to WIPO’s free PATENTSCOPE search system.

Professional patent searchers need to stay up-to-date on the coverage and new features of both free and subscription patent databases, so continue reading to learn about these important updates to three popular search systems.

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The Latest Patent Search News: Japanese Patent Translations on Espacenet, Free Sneakpeaks on DeepDyve, and TotalPatent Export Updates

The world of patent search tools moves at a lightening-quick pace, and professional patent searchers need to stay updated on the latest changes to both free and subscription patent and non-patent literature databases.  So without further ado, here is a quick round-up of  major updates to three popular search tools:

  1. English-Japanese automatic machine translation is now available on Espacenet.
  2. TotalPatent has greatly improved its export capabilities.
  3. The article rental portal DeepDyve now offers 5-minute free previews of articles.

Curious?  Then continue reading to learn more about these important patent search tool updates!

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How Major Patent Search Systems will Implement the CPC

The full roll out of the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) is less than a month away, and the classification search options for US and EP patent publications will soon change drastically for prior art searchers.  After January 1, 2013, the CPC will completely replace ECLA, and all US published applications will carry CPC classifications.  The EPO and USPTO released a “CPC launch package” back in October which contained the complete CPC scheme, any finalized CPC definitions, and an ECLA-to-CPC-to-IPC concordance. The USPTO and EPO have been thoroughly preparing for the transition to the CPC, but how are the distributors of major patent search systems preparing for the implementation of the CPC?  From the Major Recent Updates sections of the Intellogist Reports, I’ve compiled a quick guide on how Espacenet,, TotalPatent, Thomson Innovation, PatBase, and Dialog will make the CPC searchable within each of their systems.

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How to Use PatentOptimizer™ Analytics to Filter Documents and Locate Keyword Variants within a Patent Result Set

LexisNexis® PatentOptimizer™ is a patent analysis tool created by LexisNexis, and it was designed to assist patent attorneys and agents when drafting patent documents.  The PatentOptimizer™ Analytics feature may additionally be of use to patent searchers, who can load a set of up to 2000 documents into the Analytics tool and granularly filter the result set by a wide variety of criteria in order to locate very specific subsets within the broader result set.  Searchers who have narrowed their result set down to a list of hundreds of relevant documents can use the Analytics tool to locate only key documents through the filter options. The Analytics tool can also be used to generate a thesaurus on the fly for selected sets of documents and locate all variations of each term/phrase listed in the thesaurus.  This feature may be used by searchers to identify various important keywords and synonyms in a relevant result set in order to expand their search queries.  In general, PatentOptimizer Analytics offers tools that can help patent searchers either narrow their result set (through the filters) or expand their result set (through the keyword variants in the on-the-fly thesaurus).

I recently had the opportunity to watch a demonstration of PatentOptimizer™ Analytics, so continue reading for an overview of the filter and thesaurus options which can help you narrow or expand your patent search results set!

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Alert and Export Enhancements on TotalPatent, Plus Links to the European Patent Register!

Last time we looked at the TotalPatent System Report, a number of updates had been made to the patent search portal, including additional full text and bibliographic authorities, the ability for the Semantic Search feature to identify multiple concepts, increased download limits, a Merge tool to normalize data fields while analyzing the data, and improvements to the Work Folder feature. LexisNexis recently released another round of TotalPatent updates for October 2012, and we have a fresh overview of these enhancements provided by the LexisNexis website. The TotalPatent system now includes (or will eventually add) an export option for independent claims from US granted patents, links directly from EP records to the European Patent Register, better performance for displaying Work Folders and subfolders, and improvements to the alerts feature. Some of these enhancements seem to have been implemented, but the LexisNexis website is not particularly clear about the availability of these new features.

Stay up-to-date on the latest changes to the TotalPatent search system, and learn about recent export options, alert enhancements, and new European Patent Register links after the jump!
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A Patent Analysis Tool For Merging Assignee Names in TotalPatent Charts

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] The semantic search option on TotalPatent is a unique tool for patent searchers which I highlighted in a previous post, so today I’d like to call attention to a new TotalPatent feature created specifically for patent analysis purposes: the Merge tool. TotalPatent includes an Analytics tab where users can create charts using saved datasets from search results, folders, or document retrieval results.  Users can now normalize the fields displayed in the charts by manually combining specific data points using the Merge tool.  This tool will be useful to patent professionals performing initial analysis of a patent dataset because users can merge equivalent assignee or inventor names and therefore generate a more accurate visualization of the dataset.  The visualization and data cleaning tools on TotalPatent are very simple and are no substitute for detailed patent landscape studies. The charts created under the TotalPatent Analytics tab shouldn’t be used to make important business or legal decisions, but they will provide an initial overview on certain aspects of the dataset through a simple visualization.

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4 Great Features of the Semantic Search on TotalPatent

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] The TotalPatent Intellogist Report was recently updated, and one of the more notable improvements to the search functions is that the Semantic Search feature on TotalPatent now identifies multiple concepts in a search query.  TotalPatent’s Semantic Search feature impressed the Intellogist writers who first tested it, since it allows users to re-rank terms and customize the semantic query before conducting the search.  This post will look at four of the innovative features of the TotalPatent Semantic Search tool which make it one of the best semantic search options for patent documents available today.

After the jump, read about four useful features of the Semantic Search on TotalPatent, including the options to view up to 30 extra suggested terms, re-rank any search terms, add your own search terms, and preview the 20 most relevant results before conducting the query!

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Major Updates to TotalPatent!

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] TotalPatent (created by LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc) is a large player in the patent search system field, and the it’s undergone a number of major updates in the last year.  The TotalPatent System Report on Intellogist is now fully updated, and you can read in detail about the new coverage and features available on the TotalPatent interface.  Broader coverage has been added to TotalPatent, and the system’s bibliographic collection features 100 patent authorities, including 30 in full text. New analytical tools, such as the option to compare and analyze up to three search result sets, and new organizational options, like the ability to create sub-folders and search within a work folder, have also been added to TotalPatent.

After the jump, get a taste of the latest coverage, search, download, analysis, and organizational features available on TotalPatent that are featured in the updated System Report on Intellogist!

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