Find Patent Coverage Around the World with Intellogist’s Newly Updated Map

Intellogist’s Interactive Patent Coverage Map has been updated and overhauled with new content!

What is the Interactive Patent Coverage Map? Users can select a country or regional patenting authority by name or by clicking on the map to bring up a list of major known coverage providers for that specific entry. Information often includes the national patent office or related official site as well as the various offerings of coverage ranging from full text to bibliographic according to our scale.

interactive map

This is a condensed screenshot of the user interface for the interactive map.

Our recent posts on the Italian Patent and Trademark Office website and the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office website (to limit ourselves to two examples) provided interesting details on those specific systems. The Interactive Patent Coverage Map, however, is a more problem oriented solution to finding desired coverage information.

Do you need to find who has Costa Rican coverage? Click on the Interactive Patent Coverage Map, click on North America, and either scroll down to Costa Rica or click directly on the location within the map. An entry will appear that lets you know that Costa Rica is a member of the PCT, has an official site, has no notable full text coverage, but has several partial and bibliographic text providers including Espacenet, Latipat, TotalPatent, and WIPO Patentscope.

We think Intellogist’s Interactive Patent Coverage Map is an easy and intuitive way to discover solutions to your search needs, but by no means is it the final word in any professional patent search. Intellogist parent company Landon IP has a specialized library support staff to track down niche tools and collections that expert searchers need to use to find the reference that may make or break your patent search.

Check out the Interactive Patent Coverage Map today!

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This post was contributed by Intellogist Team member Chris Jagalla. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.

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