New PatSeer Updates Released

The latest update of patent search and analysis platform PatSeer comes with key enhancements and new features, including the addition of Philippines full-text patent collection and new keyboard shortcuts. Let us take a detailed look at the updates after the break.

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New Updates for the AcclaimIP Patent Search System

Subscription based patent search and analysis platform AcclaimIP has rolled out new updates pertaining to assignee names and data export options that are designed to streamline the patent search process and make it easier for users to export the right data. Get more details after the jump!

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A New Intellogist System Report on PatSeer: Top 5 Highlights!

A new Intellogist System Report on PatSeer, a patent search and analysis platform created by Gridlogics, is now available!  Gridlogics, who also created the patent analysis platform Patent iNSIGHT Pro, launched PatSeer in May 2012.  PatSeer coverage includes INPADOC bibliographic and abstract patent coverage, plus full text coverage of 15 patent authorities, as well as additional image, family data, legal status information, citation data, and corporate tree information. PatSeer is a relatively new patent search system that includes a variety of search interfaces, collaboration tools, and analysis options that both novice and advanced searchers will find intuitive and easily accessible.  The Coverage Map and Quick Tables on Intellogist have also been updated with information on PatSeer, so compare PatSeer’s coverage and features with similar patent search tools!

Continue reading to learn about some of the unique features of PatSeer highlighted in the Intellogist Report, such as the in-depth filtering options and the Patent Dashlets™ (business dashboards) that can be shared with colleagues and clients!

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The Latest Patent Search News: Japanese Patent Translations on Espacenet, Free Sneakpeaks on DeepDyve, and TotalPatent Export Updates

The world of patent search tools moves at a lightening-quick pace, and professional patent searchers need to stay updated on the latest changes to both free and subscription patent and non-patent literature databases.  So without further ado, here is a quick round-up of  major updates to three popular search tools:

  1. English-Japanese automatic machine translation is now available on Espacenet.
  2. TotalPatent has greatly improved its export capabilities.
  3. The article rental portal DeepDyve now offers 5-minute free previews of articles.

Curious?  Then continue reading to learn more about these important patent search tool updates!

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Free Mexican Patent, Trademark, and Design Search Tools: VIDOC and SIGA

Patent search professionals will mainly rely on subscription patent databases to locate worldwide patent prior art, but sometimes full-text versions of documents or specific bibliographic/legal status data can be quickly located for free through the online services available on intellectual property office websites. IP office websites also often offer a wide range of additional search options for other types of intellectual property, such as trademarks, industrial designs, and even copyright records.  In past posts, I’ve reviewed the free patent and IP search resources available on a variety of IP office websites, including the intellectual property offices of France, Singapore, and Sweden.  In today’s post, I’d like to give a brief overview of the patent, trademark, and design search options available through the website of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI). In particular, the IMPI website offers VIDOC, a search tool for locating the detailed record and related full-text documents for a variety of Mexican intellectual property records, including patent and trademarks.  SIGA is another service accessible on the IMPI website that allows users to create queries through a variety of search forms in order to locate records from the Mexican Industrial Property Gazette.

Read on for a description of the broad search and display options for Mexican patent, trademark, and design records accessible through various online services within the IMPI website, including VIDOC and SIGA.

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A Free Online Portal of Swiss Intellectual Property: Swissreg

I’ll admit, my interest in exploring the online search portals for various intellectual property office websites has gotten a bit out of hand. From Hungary to Singapore, I’ve taken a world tour of the many innovative websites that offer free access to a broad assortment of intellectual property records, ranging from utility patents and industrial designs to trademark and copyright records. This obsession for exploring worldwide IP portals has even created an entire section on Intellogist dedicated to patent authority websites.  I recently visited the free online IP search portal for the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, called Swissreg, which allows users to search through data on Swiss patents, trademarks, designs, SPCs, and even topographies.  This portal offers a variety of fielded search forms for each intellectual property type (except topographies), and users can view bibliographic details and legal status information for each IP record.  Links are also provided for patent results to the full documents accessible on Espacenet.

Continue reading for an overview of the coverage, search, and display options on the Swiss IP search portal Swissreg!
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Free Online Sources of Italian Patent Data

What is the best free online source for Italian patent data?  The most obvious answer would be the Worldwide Database on Espacenet, which contains the bibliographic, title, and abstract information for IT documents from the INPADOC file, as well as some representative image and citation coverage for IT records.  Italian patent data coverage can be rather spotty, especially through the INPADOC file, so users may need to search through alternate sources for specific documents or date ranges for Italian patent data.  Professional patent searchers will have access to subscription patent search systems that may host expanded Italian patent data beyond the basic INPADOC coverage (such as the DWPI coverage accessible through Thomson Innovation).  If you don’t have access to a subscription patent search system, there are also free online search portals which host bibliographic data for Italian patent records.  Users can search directly through the Italian Patent and Trademark Office National Data Search, or you can utilize the FILPAT database, provided by FILDATA srl, which hosts bibliographic data on Italian utility models.

After the jump, learn about the coverage, search, and viewing features for two free online portals that host Italian patent data!

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