New PatSeer Updates Released

The latest update of patent search and analysis platform PatSeer comes with key enhancements and new features, including the addition of Philippines full-text patent collection and new keyboard shortcuts. Let us take a detailed look at the updates after the break.

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New Updates for the AcclaimIP Patent Search System

Subscription based patent search and analysis platform AcclaimIP has rolled out new updates pertaining to assignee names and data export options that are designed to streamline the patent search process and make it easier for users to export the right data. Get more details after the jump!

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Patent Search System News Round-up, September 2014

Do you want to know about the latest updates to major patent search systems? Intellogist has the scoop for the most recent updates to popular subscription patent search platforms, including, Thomson Innovation, PatBase/PatBase Express, and TotalPatent. We also have exciting news about free patent search tools, such as the chemistry patent system SureChEMBL and the US patent litigation search tool RPX Search.

Continue reading for the latest updates on both free and subscription patent search systems, after the jump!

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A New Intellogist System Report on PatSeer: Top 5 Highlights!

A new Intellogist System Report on PatSeer, a patent search and analysis platform created by Gridlogics, is now available!  Gridlogics, who also created the patent analysis platform Patent iNSIGHT Pro, launched PatSeer in May 2012.  PatSeer coverage includes INPADOC bibliographic and abstract patent coverage, plus full text coverage of 15 patent authorities, as well as additional image, family data, legal status information, citation data, and corporate tree information. PatSeer is a relatively new patent search system that includes a variety of search interfaces, collaboration tools, and analysis options that both novice and advanced searchers will find intuitive and easily accessible.  The Coverage Map and Quick Tables on Intellogist have also been updated with information on PatSeer, so compare PatSeer’s coverage and features with similar patent search tools!

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Spinque: Patent Search of the Future?

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The first thing you must be thinking upon seeing the title of this post is: “What’s a Spinque?” I thought the exact same thing when Arjen de Vries initially contacted me to take a look at his upcoming search system.

The short answer: Spinque is a search system that promotes “search by strategy,” a method of parametrization and query processing to allow greater control over the very fundamentals of how a search system functions, making it tailored to your needs as a searcher. Spinque can be utilized with any data set, but patents are one particularly applicable field.

The long answer: You’re going to have to read along as we give you a sneak peak into this interesting search tool that has been in development for two years!

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Usability made simple

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false]Although we all struggle with graphical user interfaces every day, most of us will wind up blaming ourselves for our lack of success; actually, sometimes it’s just poor design that makes an application frustrating to use.  I’m currently taking a design course, and I’m amazed how many interfaces that I interact with in everyday life don’t meet some simple criteria for good “usability,” the ease-of-use and learning curve needed to become proficient on a system. When we started to work on evaluating patent search systems for Intellogist, we included a usability section in each in-depth Intellogist Report to address overall usability quality.

For those who won’t be able to take a formal course on interface design, it’s unclear what rules interface developers are living by (if any!).   Products which benefit from the attention of a usability expert can improve dramatically in user experience, and as a consequence, they just might get used more often.  Here are three rules to use when designing an interface:

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Goals, Goals, and More Goals (Not Completely of the Hockey Variety)

Around the Washington DC metro area (our home base), people are buzzing about the Washington Capitals’ run for the Stanley Cup. Some analysts even predict that the first round will be a breeze, (see this article by Scott Burnside at Especially since the Caps finished the season 33 points ahead of the Montreal Canadiens.
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