Google Products, IP Organization Sites & more – Updated Intellogist Resources

Last year, 39 categories were added to the Intellogist Community Reports to help users browse these informational articles based on:

The collection of Community Reports has grown to over 485, so the Intellogist team decided to add additional categories to organize these reports on various prior art search resources by additional criteria like data producer, website type, and non-patent literature data type.  Do you want to know which Community Reports cover Google products or EPO products?  Or do you want to find all Community Reports on US government websites?  Now you can, using the 16 new categories added to the Intellogist Community Reports.

After the jump, view a full list of new categories used to organize these reports on a wide variety of patent and non-patent literature search and analysis tools!
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Intellogist Roundup: Surf-IP, New Categories, and Advertising Opportunities!

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In our last news roundup, we looked at the Google “Related” function,  the Zanran search engine, and a special trial offer of Boliven Pro for Intellogist readers.  Today we have more exciting (and in the case of Surf-IP, saddening) announcements, including a new categorization of Community Reports on Intellogist, the surprise shut down of a popular patent search system, and information about how you can advertise your IP and search-related products on the Intellogist Wiki and Blog.

Keep up-to-date on the latest search news and Intellogist announcements, after the jump!

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Pump up your search with better sources

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If you’re familiar with our in-depth Reports, you know that Intellogist contains lots of resources related to general patent searching tools.  However, I was reminded recently that the site can also be a resource for finding subject-specific files and databases when I used it to discover collections on traditional medicine.

Recently, we introduced an Intellogist Community Report for a new product known as the World Traditional Natural Medicine Patent Database.  Community Reports are open wiki pages where Intellogist community members can add information about search products, including their own user experiences.  (To learn more about creating and editing Intellogist Community Reports, see our help topic and guidelines.)

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