Patent Search System News Round-up, September 2014

Do you want to know about the latest updates to major patent search systems? Intellogist has the scoop for the most recent updates to popular subscription patent search platforms, including, Thomson Innovation, PatBase/PatBase Express, and TotalPatent. We also have exciting news about free patent search tools, such as the chemistry patent system SureChEMBL and the US patent litigation search tool RPX Search.

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My Favorite Patent Search Tool Updates of 2012

Another year has come and gone, and it’s that time in December where we’re all racing to the nearest mall (or Amazon) to shop for holiday gifts for the important people in our lives.  Patent searchers enjoy getting presents too, and each database update is a small gift of new features and tools to improve the prior art search and analysis processes.  New databases and search platforms are the equivalent of a new bicycle or Xbox, and searchers can’t wait to take the new system for a test ride.  Like last year, I’d like to highlight a few of my favorite patent search gifts that I’ve received in the last twelve months, including updates and new platforms for both free and subscription patent search systems. Over the past year, there have been major updates to, Google Patents, and Espacenet, and I’ve been impressed by new patent search tools like the CCD and WIPS Global ADVANCED. Patent searchers have received an abundance of gifts this year, but professionals who work with patent file histories shouldn’t feel left out, either: they can take an innovative new patent file history service for a free test ride!

After the jump, learn about the best patent search system updates and new tools of 2012, as well as a unique resource for professionals who review patent file histories!

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How Major Patent Search Systems will Implement the CPC

The full roll out of the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) is less than a month away, and the classification search options for US and EP patent publications will soon change drastically for prior art searchers.  After January 1, 2013, the CPC will completely replace ECLA, and all US published applications will carry CPC classifications.  The EPO and USPTO released a “CPC launch package” back in October which contained the complete CPC scheme, any finalized CPC definitions, and an ECLA-to-CPC-to-IPC concordance. The USPTO and EPO have been thoroughly preparing for the transition to the CPC, but how are the distributors of major patent search systems preparing for the implementation of the CPC?  From the Major Recent Updates sections of the Intellogist Reports, I’ve compiled a quick guide on how Espacenet,, TotalPatent, Thomson Innovation, PatBase, and Dialog will make the CPC searchable within each of their systems.

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New Portal Announced with a Streamlined Interface for Faster Patent Searching

Earlier in November, a new Intellogist Report was released on the major patent search system.  The platform, created by Questel-Orbit, allows users to access the unique FamPat family records and additional indexing, but the wide variety of search and viewing options available through the portal can occasionally cause the interface to have a cluttered appearance. In October 2012, Questel announced the upcoming release of a new version of the portal that can be tested by users in a beta format. The new portal will notably include a number of interface cleanup features to make the user’s patent search and viewing experiences more streamlined and intuitive. Although the beta portal is accessible through a link on the homepage, many of the new features do not yet appear to be available.

Continue reading to view a full list of updated features and screenshots from a presentation on the new portal, including a new toolbar in the Xpert and Workfiles modules, enhancements to highlighting and search functions, and interface cleanup tools!

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New Intellogist Report on!

We’ve just released an Intellogist Report on an important patent search system,!  Check out the new Intellogist Report to learn all the coverage details about this major player in the patent search system field:

Search for industrial designs on the DesignFinder module of the Orbit platform.

  • Learn about the unique FamPat file hosted on the platform, which organizes records into invention-based FamPat families and includes additional indexing through Key Content (Object of the invention, Advantages of the new invention and Drawback of prior art, and Independent claims) and Key Concepts.

Continue reading for an overview of more content from the Intellogist Report, plus a quick snippet from the report which outlines some of the strengths and weaknesses of this major patent search tool!

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Expand Your Patent Search Query Through Multilingual Translation Tools

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] During an initial scope of the available prior art, it can be useful for a patent searcher to expand their query through machine-translation tools to include query terms translated into multiple major languages.  Even if the searcher isn’t fluent in multiple languages, they will still be able to get a general idea of how much prior art is available internationally on a particular technology. When conducting a global prior art search, there’s no replacement for a search conducted by one or more native-language speakers through the patent and non-patent literature in multiple major languages.  Although the following query expansion tools shouldn’t be used as substitutes for a thorough search by multilingual professional searchers, these tools will still be helpful for scoping the availability of international prior art.

The CLIR (Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval) on PATENTSCOPE is the best free option for cross-lingual query expansion, and we’ve briefly looked at this tool in a past Valentine’s Day post.  If users have access to PatBase, they can utilize the new Language Explorer tool (added to the system in March 2012) to expand their query.   The Language Explorer tool is powered by CLIR, so users will get similar query expansion suggestions through both CLIR and Language Explorer.  If users subscribe to Questel’s platform, they can utilize the Multilingual Search Wizard to expand their search with terms in German, French, and English.

After the jump, we’ll take a closer look at each of the multilingual query expansion tools on PATENTSCOPE, PatBase, and!

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New Patent Analysis Tools Coming to

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false]In a previous post, I listed the new features for Questel’s platform, which were released on April 8, 2012 for Orbit version 1.5.  New tools include legal status searching and filter, a search wizard to search in multiple languages and identify relevant concepts, multiple detachable windows, a “More Like This” option, a “My Lists” tab, new import options, and Workfile updates.  At the Patent Information User Group (PIUG) 2012 Annual Conference, Kristin Whitman attended a workshop hosted by Questel that described further updates coming to the platform.  The most interesting new feature described at the workshop is an IP Business Intelligence Module for the system, which will include patent mapping and analysis tools to be used on selected patent family data sets.  According to a Questel representative, this  statistical analysis module will be released in a beta-test version in June 2012, and a full release of the module will most likely occur in September 2012.

Read on as we explore the patent analysis tools that will be available on the new IP Business Intelligence Module for!
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