Interactive Patent Coverage Map Update

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Over on Intellogist, we’ve made an extensive update to our Interactive Patent Coverage Map. This tool allows you to click on a country to quickly find the known patent search systems which have been evaluated by Intellogist to determine coverage. Patent search systems are sorted by the type of coverage they offer (e.g., full text, bibliographic, etc.). Links to the country’s official patent authority are provided where possible and we’ve even provided information about any associated regional patenting authorities (especially helpful when there is no known electronic coverage of the country’s national patent collection).

In our recent update we’ve added several regional patent search sites as well as updated the information for a number of national intellectual property offices. There were over 20 countries updated, so read on to find out the latest in regional patent search sites!

Venezuela has an official patent search engine offered in Spanish which features a selection between patent document types (such as Industrial Models, Utility Models, and Plant Varieties to name a few). Users can keyword search in the title or summary (abstract) sections as well as searching by Locarno or International Classifications.

In additional Venezuelan news, TotalPatent now appears to have Venezuelan coverage (although the help documentation does not yet reflect this, it is searchable and does return results). Titles and abstracts are also available to search through TotalPatent.

PANTAS is a search system provided by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia. PANTAS is one of the best options for searching Malaysian patents, since it offers searching by abstract, title, applicant/owner, inventor, patent number, and/or application number. Registration and searching are free, but users should be aware that a paid account is necessary to see detailed results.

iPairs is the Indian Patent Information Retrieval System, a free search portal launched by the Indian Patent Office. With access to granted patents, published patent applications, and application status–including fields such as title, abstract, IPC classification and other bibliographic fields–this site is highly functional and free to boot. Full documents in PDF form are available to view from the search results page.

Last, but not least, the Macao Special Administrative Region of China has its own patent search system. This mixed language search system offers Chinese and/or Portuguese language options for title or abstract searches (reflecting Macao’s history). IPC classification searching is also available.

Have you used our Interactive Patent Coverage Map? What do you think? Did it help you locate the coverage you need?

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This post was edited by Intellogist Team member Chris Jagalla.


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