New Chinese Interface and Chinese Granted Patents Translated into English on Thomson Innovation!

Last time Thomson Reuters added major updates to the Thomson Innovation system, the non-patent literature collection for the system was expanded to included Web of Science content back to 1898. The August 2012 update also included new and enhanced features like full-text article linking, ordering, and document delivery, enhanced ability to analyze non-patent literature, new literature search fields, and watched records for citation changes.  As of October 27, another set of updates for the system was included in Thomson Innovation Release 3.6. This release includes a new simplified Chinese interface, coverage for Chinese granted patents translated into English, extended coverage for English-translated Japanese granted patents and applications, Native Japanese patents to fill in gaps for other Japanese collections, EuroPCT transfer record gaps populated with claims from corresponding WO records, and in-line editing now available for Custom Fields.

After the jump, learn about the new simplified Chinese interface, translated Chinese granted patent coverage, and other new features available from the October 2012 release of Thomson Innovation!

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Interactive Patent Coverage Map Update

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Over on Intellogist, we’ve made an extensive update to our Interactive Patent Coverage Map. This tool allows you to click on a country to quickly find the known patent search systems which have been evaluated by Intellogist to determine coverage. Patent search systems are sorted by the type of coverage they offer (e.g., full text, bibliographic, etc.). Links to the country’s official patent authority are provided where possible and we’ve even provided information about any associated regional patenting authorities (especially helpful when there is no known electronic coverage of the country’s national patent collection).

In our recent update we’ve added several regional patent search sites as well as updated the information for a number of national intellectual property offices. There were over 20 countries updated, so read on to find out the latest in regional patent search sites!

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A Hidden Dragon at Dialog?

I’ve been meaning to post a short item about this for a while now – did anybody else see that Dialog is introducing a new Chinese full text patent collection in April? I saw the following blurb in the March issue of the Dialog Chronolog:

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