WIPO’s PatentScope Releases Video Tutorials

World Intellectual Property Organization‘s (WIPO) PatentScope patent searching system has released a collection of video tutorials to help searchers learn how to conduct searches and make the most of the system. Read on for a detailed report. Continue reading

WIPO Country Profiles: A Global Portal for IP Information

In a previous post, I highlighted the abundance of important resources that intellectual property (IP) professionals can find on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website: search systems for brands, patents, and IP-related laws and treaties through the WIPO GOLD portalIP Statistics at both an international level and for individual countries,  a wide range of IP news through the WIPO Magazine, a directory of IP offices, and more. The WIPO website includes country-specific information through both the IP office directory and the statistical country profiles,  but this useful information was previously unavailable through a central and easily accessible location.  The WIPO website has recently solved this problem by creating a central portal to access IP country profiles, and each profile links to contact information, legal information, statistics, and cooperation activities for a country.  This new portal provides an easy way for patent professionals to quickly locate all important information that WIPO has compiled for a specific country, without wasting time navigating through multiple portals on the website.

Continue reading to learn how to access the IP contact information, statistical data, and legal information for over 190 countries through the WIPO Country Profiles portal!

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10 Important Resources on the WIPO Website for IP Professionals

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] If you’ve worked in the IP field for any length of time, you’ve heard of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). WIPO defines itself as “the United Nations agency dedicated to the use of intellectual property (patents, copyright, trademarks, designs, etc.) as a means of stimulating innovation and creativity.”  WIPO oversees crucial international IP services such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks, and  the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs. The WIPO website is a massive resource that offers a variety of information and search tools for IP professionals, and patent searchers will find the PATENTSCOPE search system to be a very useful free tool for searching through patent documents from multiple country collections and millions of PCT applications.  The WIPO website is an incredibly broad resource, so this post will briefly look at just 10 of the numerous valuable tools accessible through the site.

Read on to learn about ten important resources for IP professionals that can be found for free on the WIPO website!
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Statistics you need to know: 2012 WIPO IP Facts and Figures

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The 2012 edition of WIPO’s IP Facts and Figures was released this week. IP Facts and Figures is a yearly favorite of intellectual property statheads and people otherwise interested in the worldwide trends for patent, utility model, trademark, and design filings. Despite being named “2012,” it’s important to understand that many of the statistics in the report aren’t up to the minute–“most national and regional IP office statistics refer to 2010.” Other data, such as WIPO generated data (PCT, Madrid, and Hague data) is up to date through 2011. The IP Facts and Figures report is part of a broader set of statistics available from WIPO at their IP Statistics page. All credit for facts in this blog post is attributed to WIPO.

Today we’ll look at an overview of the 2012 WIPO IP Facts and Figures report, showing you some interesting statistics and insights that you need to know!

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PATENTSCOPE: Better free patent searching with new system upgrades

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The WIPO PATENTSCOPE team has been very busy in the past month, releasing two big updates. The changes include better search functionality, a friendlier user interface (UI), and a fun analysis feature.

PATENTSCOPE is quickly rivaling Espacenet as a free “international” patent search system, for good reasons. The expanding feature set combined with unique coverage makes PATENTSCOPE a system that patent search professionals need to be aware of.

Today we’ll take a look at the latest improvements to this ever-developing free patent search system.

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A Worldwide Patent Coverage Map Update for World IP Day

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Happy World Intellectual Property Day everyone!

To quote WIPO:

World Intellectual Property Day is an opportunity to celebrate the contribution that intellectual property makes to innovation and cultural creation – and the immense good that these two social phenomena bring to the world.

To follow that theme, we’re celebrating IP around the world today, with an update to our Intellogist Interactive Patent Coverage Map.

If you’re unfamiliar with this tool, it’s a neat Flash application that allows you to click on a country to determine coverage for the selected country by known patent search systems which have been evaluated by Intellogist. Search systems are sorted by the type of coverage they offer (e.g., full text, bibliographic, etc.). International patenting authorities are also covered. In this round of revisions, several countries have been updated to reflect new coverage and official IP office sites.

Today we’ll take a look at three national patent office search systems you might not be familiar with. Read on to find some niche prior art resources known to professional patent searchers.

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Exploring WIPO Lex: Search National Laws and Treaties on Intellectual Property

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website seems to be a never-ending treasure trove of intellectual property (IP) information and search resources. The WIPO Gold portal gives you access to free databases for searching patent documents, trademarks, industrial designs, domain names, statistics, classifications, WIPO standards, and laws and treaties.  Today we’ll take a closer look at WIPO Lex, the directory released in the fall of 2010 and accessible through the WIPO Gold portal where you can search through national laws and treaties related to intellectual property for WIPO, WTO, and UN Members.

Read on after the jump to learn about the IP law search tools accessible through WIPO Lex, including member profiles for dozens of countries and multiple search forms for IP legislation, treaties, and full-text searching.

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