Use These Patents to Control the Weather

We’ve had a recent cold snap here on the East Coast of the US, and technology for controlling the weather would sure come in handy right now.  I was surprised to learn from a quick Google search that a variety of weather modification technology already exists, ranging from cloud seeding to hail cannons.  Many of these technologies have very limited or no scientific evidence to validate their effectiveness, but I still find it fascinating that people have generated so many ideas and inventions for weather control.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a product on the market that I can use to flip a switch and instantly make the weather in Washington D.C. 70 degrees and sunny.  While I wait for that invention to get a grant from the USPTO, let’s take a quick look at five granted US patents (located through Google Patents) which describe various technologies for weather modification.

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5 Unique Patents and Their Odd Classifications

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This past weekend here in the States we celebrated our independence from our once enemies and now best friends, England (is that where frienemies came from?). As I understand it, the search for independence was started when several Boston residents were going to have a tea party, but were so disappointed when they found out the local tea importer only had English Breakfast tea (and not their preferred Earl Grey) that they dumped all of the tea into the harbor. I’m pretty sure it was that, but maybe it was something to do with taxes (who ever heard of someone upset about taxes?). So let’s turn our attention away from scorn and vitriol in the patent world, and instead celebrate an independence from boringness by finding some of the awesomeness in unique patent classifications and their broad swath of interesting patents.

My goal for this project was two-fold: to find classes and subclasses in the US Classification System that are interesting for some reason, and to find a patent document that represents the uniqueness of that subclass. I hereby present to you five unique patents and their classification.

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