Turkey Stuffing Innovation

Turkey gets all the credit this time of year, but I want you to focus your attention on the real star of the Thanksgiving show: the stuffing. The glorious, salty, carbohydrate-y, mushy, gravy-welcoming stuffing.

Most people know by now that putting the stuffing inside the turkey is a dangerous proposition. Either the juices from the raw turkey can get trapped in the stuffing, inviting food poisoning, or the cook must blast the heat on the turkey for a longer period of time, possibly turning the whole thing into a dried out affair.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and since some people cling to the stuffing inside the turkey mentality (for extra flavor!), we’ve seen several turkey stuffing patents cross the desk of the USPTO.

Stick around with us and you can see some of these clever ideas, plus a bonus stuffing recipe courtesy of one patent application!

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Thankful for Patents

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Every year around the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, we see a rash of stories about people burning their houses down by incorrectly trying to deep fry their turkey. For every problem that exists (as we all know) there is someone trying to patent a solution. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best practices for deep frying turkeys (not to be confused with Intellogist’s Best Practices section about patent searching) and the patents inspired by this delicious dish.

For me, Thanksgiving is usually less intense than burning the house down with an oil fire (usually). I’m blessed that I get along well with my family, it’s usually not too big of an affair, and the food turns out well (and not well charred). The most heated moment is usually during the annual Detroit Lions football game, when they inevitably bumble and squander any chance of winning the game. They’ve been so bad for so long that another terrible loss has become part of the tradition. To everyone out there, I apologize you’ve had to watch them for so many years in a row.

Getting off the subject of on-field turkeys, follow along with us as we look at some of the issues surrounding turkey frying safety and the patents that set out to keep our birds cooked properly and prevent massive fireballs from erupting. Let’s have some fun!

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