Free Mexican Patent, Trademark, and Design Search Tools: VIDOC and SIGA

Patent search professionals will mainly rely on subscription patent databases to locate worldwide patent prior art, but sometimes full-text versions of documents or specific bibliographic/legal status data can be quickly located for free through the online services available on intellectual property office websites. IP office websites also often offer a wide range of additional search options for other types of intellectual property, such as trademarks, industrial designs, and even copyright records.  In past posts, I’ve reviewed the free patent and IP search resources available on a variety of IP office websites, including the intellectual property offices of France, Singapore, and Sweden.  In today’s post, I’d like to give a brief overview of the patent, trademark, and design search options available through the website of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI). In particular, the IMPI website offers VIDOC, a search tool for locating the detailed record and related full-text documents for a variety of Mexican intellectual property records, including patent and trademarks.  SIGA is another service accessible on the IMPI website that allows users to create queries through a variety of search forms in order to locate records from the Mexican Industrial Property Gazette.

Read on for a description of the broad search and display options for Mexican patent, trademark, and design records accessible through various online services within the IMPI website, including VIDOC and SIGA.

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A Free Online Portal of Swiss Intellectual Property: Swissreg

I’ll admit, my interest in exploring the online search portals for various intellectual property office websites has gotten a bit out of hand. From Hungary to Singapore, I’ve taken a world tour of the many innovative websites that offer free access to a broad assortment of intellectual property records, ranging from utility patents and industrial designs to trademark and copyright records. This obsession for exploring worldwide IP portals has even created an entire section on Intellogist dedicated to patent authority websites.  I recently visited the free online IP search portal for the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, called Swissreg, which allows users to search through data on Swiss patents, trademarks, designs, SPCs, and even topographies.  This portal offers a variety of fielded search forms for each intellectual property type (except topographies), and users can view bibliographic details and legal status information for each IP record.  Links are also provided for patent results to the full documents accessible on Espacenet.

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A Multitude of Free IP Search Options from the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office

Most intellectual property authority websites offer some type of online IP search portal, ranging from the basic bibliographic patent search tool on the Syrian Patent Office website to the multiple patent, trademark, design, and caselaw databases available from the French Patent Office. Occasionally I run across an IP office website which impresses me with the thorough coverage and advanced features offered through their online search portal, but I’ve never been more surprised than when I tested the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office IP Search platform. IP Search is the official search platform for the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) and provides a free English-language search interface for all “data of the electronic register of HIPO, as well as […] data of the international and Community industrial property titles of protection effective on the territory of Hungary.” The portal provides an intuitive central interface where users can search through all imaginable types of Hungarian intellectual property: patents, SPCs, plant patents, utility models, trademarks, geographical indications, designs, topography, and even copyright records. The hit list provides easy filtering options through a flexible grid view, and users can download and display a wide range of data and full-text sections of Hungarian patent documents in the full record view.

After the jump, learn about the numerous search and viewing options available on this broad and sophisticated search portal for Hungarian intellectual property!

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IP Office of Singapore Provides Free Patent, Trademark, and Design Searching through eSearch

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false]The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) has had a busy year: last October the Surf-IP search system was shut down, and IPOS recently streamlined the layout of its website to make it much more intuitive and user-friendly. The IPOS website still provides access to online IP search services through the eSearch system, which allows users to search through patent, trademark, and design applications filed with IPOS.  The eSearch services don’t provide the same breadth of patent coverage that Surf-IP previously provided, since the eSearch platform only covers patent applications or patents published in Singapore.  Surf-IP searched the patent data from a number of authorities, including US, EP, WO, JP, CN, CA, TH, GB, KR, and TW patent data (in addition to SG patent documents).  The eSearch platform covers a broader variety of intellectual property types than Surf-IP, since eSearch provides trademark and design search options, while Surf-IP only covered patent data.  Now that Surf-IP is no longer available, the eSearch services on the IPOS website provide a useful free avenue for searching SG patent data (as well as trademark and design data).

Read on to learn how to access and use the eSearch services from the IPOS website!
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