Free Online Patent Search Portals: Syria and Saudi Arabia

When conducting patent searches or patent analysis projects that are global in scope, patent search professionals will often need to locate bibliographic or full-text data for patent records from certain issuing authorities that have very limited or zero coverage within the regularly used INPADOC data.  The patent searcher will then need to find alternative methods for locating the patent data, such as accessing the data directly on the patent authority website.

For example, the patenting authorities for Syria (SY) and Saudi Arabia (SA) are not covered by INPADOC (although Saudi Arabia is a member of the GCC, which is covered by INPADOC). Searchers will therefore need to go directly to the issuing authority websites to locate free online patent data for Syria and Saudi Arabia.

After the jump, learn how to access the patent search service on the Syrian Patent Office website and the KACST Patent Search for Saudi Arabia!

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