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A Network of Open Access Search Platforms from Springer

The major scientific publisher Springer Science+Business Media operates a number of online search platforms which allow users to access bibliographic and full-text data about journal articles and other media published by Springer.  A past Intellogist Blog post reviewed the continuously updated SpringerReference resource, and the publisher also provides the popular SpringerLink search platform as a free online tool. SpringerLink is free to search, but many of the articles and books listed on the platform are only fully accessible behind a pay wall.  Springer also has created a network of fully open-access search portals, and unlike SpringerLink, all content on these platforms are completely free to access.  These open-access Springer portals can provide valuable non-patent literature (NPL) prior art for patent searchers and may serve as a useful supplement to searches of subscription NPL portals and government-funded systems like PubMed.

Continue reading to learn about the coverage, search and viewing features of four Springer open-access portals: BioMed Central, Springer Open, Chemistry Central, and the Cases Database.

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A Living Library? Springer Introduces New Reference Website

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Physical libraries are constrained to the real-world process of information dissemination: research, review, publishing, and shipping of reference works. One advantage of the Internet is the instantaneous delivery of information, but this instant gratification goes hand in hand with some well known drawbacks (such as the questionable accuracy of Wikipedia). Here at Intellogist, we’re always looking for reliable sources of patent and non-patent literature. After all, we’re a wiki that strives for factual and accurate information!

To that end, the recent announcement of piqued my interest. Read on to find out what is, and how this new site looks to construct a living online repository while maintaining factual accuracy.

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Are you keeping up with the latest non-patent literature developments?

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Does anybody else out there read the InfoToday newsbreaks or EcontentMag regularly? Information Today, Inc. hosts these great news services – you can subscribe via e-mail or get them in your RSS reader. Whenever I find out about a new development from a “non-patent” search provider, chances are it’s on their news feeds. There are lots of recent developments in the non-patent arena that I wanted to highlight:  Wiley replaces Interscience with a new platform, Elsevier releases SciVerse to aggregate all of their science search platforms, and ProQuest rolls out the much anticipated “ProQuest Dialog” platform.

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