Search Reports, Patent Documents, and File Histories from Brazil through e-Patentes

Professional patent searchers will often need to search for both patent and non-patent literature (NPL) prior art on a global scale during an exhaustive validity search.  Multilingual search capabilities, access to a wide range of both free and subscription patent and NPL databases, and the knowledge and skill to thoroughly search these systems are all necessary components for a successful global prior art search. Patent search provider Landon IP offers the most thorough global prior art searches available, thanks to a team of highly skilled multilingual patent search professionals who can skillfully utilize a range of patent and non-patent literature search systems from around the world.  The in-depth search system information available through Intellogist provides a glimpse into the global prior art search resources which Landon IP searchers utilize on a daily basis.

For example, today we’ll take a quick look at a free resource listed on Intellogist called e-Patentes, which can be used to locate PDF copies of Brazilian patent documents, as well as the search reports and file history papers related to these Brazilian patent records.

Read on to learn about e-Patentes, one of many global patent search resources described on Intellogist!
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