A Multitude of Free IP Search Options from the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office

Most intellectual property authority websites offer some type of online IP search portal, ranging from the basic bibliographic patent search tool on the Syrian Patent Office website to the multiple patent, trademark, design, and caselaw databases available from the French Patent Office. Occasionally I run across an IP office website which impresses me with the thorough coverage and advanced features offered through their online search portal, but I’ve never been more surprised than when I tested the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office IP Search platform. IP Search is the official search platform for the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) and provides a free English-language search interface for all “data of the electronic register of HIPO, as well as […] data of the international and Community industrial property titles of protection effective on the territory of Hungary.” The portal provides an intuitive central interface where users can search through all imaginable types of Hungarian intellectual property: patents, SPCs, plant patents, utility models, trademarks, geographical indications, designs, topography, and even copyright records. The hit list provides easy filtering options through a flexible grid view, and users can download and display a wide range of data and full-text sections of Hungarian patent documents in the full record view.

After the jump, learn about the numerous search and viewing options available on this broad and sophisticated search portal for Hungarian intellectual property!

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