Patents for Celebrating the Holidays with your Pets

The holidays are a wonderful time of year for humans and a terrifying time of year for pets. Christmas is filled with terrible temptations and unspeakable horror for dogs and cats. A dog will desperately want to eat every semi-edible holiday treat on the table (except maybe the fruit cake), while the cat will be itching to climb the new pine-scented scratching post that has mysteriously appeared in the the living room. And then there are the Christmas card pictures that involve the doggy reindeer antlers and kitty Santa hats…your pets will never forgive you. So how can you ease the temptation and trauma that your pets face every year during the holidays?

Luckily, a few innovative minds have created some brilliant patents to help your pets get happily through the holidays.  The following inventions (found on Google Patents) provide the edible decorations, Christmas tree protection, and cat-appropriate snow boots that will make Mittens and Fido look forward to the arrival of Santa Paws for years to come!

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