Top 5 Intellogist Posts of 2012

In 2011, top Intellogist Blog posts covered patent applications for Godly powers and the mysterious search secrets of US patent examiners.  Posts in 2012 seem to have been a bit less mystical and a bit more grounded in practical concerns, such as how major search systems will implement the oncoming Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC). Danny Rooney has been able to inject a bit of much-needed humor into this otherwise serious blog, with tips on finding the best musical patents, cleaning patents, grilling patents, and even patents to help you battle zombies during the upcoming Mayan Apocalypse.  The Intellogist Blog covered useful topics this year such as open access resources and the consequences of a poor patent translation, but a few posts were particularly popular among Intellogist readers.  Today we’ll take a quick look back at five of the most popular Intellogist Blog posts from 2012, ranging in topic from the CPC to intellectual property issues on Pinterest.

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Patents for Working Out at the Workplace

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Well, we’re still here. I guess the Mayans were wrong. Who would have expected that the end of the world wouldn’t have actually occurred except for Harold Camping …wait, what’s that? The Mayans actually predicted that December 21 was the date in question? And it’s really just the end of a cycle and not the end of the world? John Cusack, how could you let me down like that? I haven’t been this disappointed in you since Hot Tub Time Machine.

The New Year is a time for deep reflection and creating resolutions based upon said deep reflection. But who are we kidding…everyone’s top two resolutions are losing weight and making more money. I can’t help you out with the later unless you are interested in some real estate that also happens to cross a body of water, but I can help you lose those holiday pounds fueled by booze, cubed cheese, cookies, and processed meat-based substances using products that Billy Mays would have been proud to shoot at you while watching TV at 3 am on a Tuesday.

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