EPO and International Renewable Energy Agency Launch New Renewable Energy Innovation Platform

The European Patent Office (EPO) has partnered with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to launch the International Standards and Patents in Renewable Energy (INSPIRE) platform, a repository of global renewable energy standards and patent documents. More on the platform after the break.

INSPIRE has been designed to allow users to search, locate and analyze more than 2 million patent documents and 400 international standards related to renewable energy technology. The aim behind the platform is to encourage users and researchers to analyze trends in international renewable energy standards and patents in order to assess the effectiveness of policies in the renewable energy sector and drive innovation in the field.

Some key functionalities offered by the platform includes:

  • Access to information on more than 2 million carbon mitigation technology patents powered by EPO’s global patent statistics database PATSTAT. The platform allows users to search patent filings made by countries for a particular renewable energy technology. Users can refine their search using several filters including Technology Group, Technology Sub-Group, Technology Components and Timeframe.
INSPIRE Patent Filings Search

INSPIRE Patent Filings Search

  • The platform also links to EPO’s online public patent searching tool Espacenet, including its dedicated ‘Y02’ patent classification scheme for renewable energy technology.
  • The standards section of the platform gives users access to a database of 400 international renewable energy standards. The database also provides information on what these standards are, how do they work and why they are important for investor confidence and technology trading.
  • Users can conduct metadata analysis of technology trends like comparing development within or between different technologies.
INSPIRE Standards Search

INSPIRE Standards Search

  • INSPIRE also offers a wide range of reports pertaining to the field of renewable energy patents. Some of the reports offered from download include ‘Intellectual Property Rights: The Role of Patents in Renewable Energy Technology’, ‘Ocean Energy: Technologies, Patents, Deployment Status and Outlook’ and ‘Patents and clean energy in Africa’. The reports can be accessed here.




What do you think about the new INSPIRE platform? Tell us in the comments below!

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