Relecura Updates Its Software-as-a-Service Platform

IP analytics firm Relecura has launched a new set of updates for its Software-as-a-Service platform, bringing in a redesigned user interface, a customizable dashboard and user defined tags, apart from making enhancements to existing functionality. More on the update after the break.

New User Interface

Relecura has tweaked the user interface to make it more intuitive and user friendly. A vertical sidebar gives access to various sections of the analytics platform including Dashboard, Graphs, Refine, Explore, Browse, Clusters and Topic Maps.

New Relecura UI

New Relecura UI

Apart from reinventing the UI, Relecura also made design changes to function buttons in the software. Some of the functions to get a new design include Search, Refine, Explore and Browse.

New Relecura Function Icons

New Relecura Function Icons


Public Dashboard

Relecura’s new update has given users the ability to create public dashboards that can be shared with other users across their organization. This, according to Relecura, will allow for a smooth collaboration between team members working on the same project.

Relecura Dashboard

Relecura Dashboard

The Dashboard, which can be accessed from the left-hand side panel, also comes with a set of customizable templates, access from the widget library, that allow users to decide what data to display on their dashboard. Users will also be able to save the custom templates that they create for future use.

Widget Library for Custom Templates

Widget Library for Custom Templates

Users will be able to share their dashboard publicly by creating a Public Portfolio.


User Defined Tags

Relecura’s User-Define Tags functionality allows users to annotate individual patents or a group of patents with tags of their own choice. The Tags are of two types, Private and Public. The difference between the two is that public tags are visible to everyone under the same account. This is more of an enhancement than a new feature.

Users can create tags by accessing the Manage Tags option found within the drop down menu located to the right of each patent document.

Creating User Defined Tags

Creating User Defined Tags – 1

Creating User Defined Tags - 2

Creating User Defined Tags – 2

Users will be able to tag up to 1,000 documents in a single go by clicking at the Add Tags button located at the top. Private and shared tags are accessible from the left-hand side panel under collapsible menus.

Tagged document sets can be operated on like saved search results. Visualization and analytics like comparative graphs, comparative Topic Maps, and the Analysis Matrix are also available for tagged document groups.

Apart from the updates detailed above, Relecura has also introduced other new features and enhancements that can be viewed here

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