Hogan Lovells Launches New Free Online Legal Tool

Law firm Hogan Lovells has launched LimeGreen IP, a new free online tool that is designed to offers answers to frequently asked questions related to patents, trademarks and copyrights. LimeGreen IP also allows users to look-up legal FAQs based on various jurisdictions including the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. More on the tool after the break!

UI and Functionality

The LimeGreen IP tool comes with a clean and simple user interface which is centred around two main options, ‘Topics’ and ‘Jurisdictions’. The Topics option allows users to look for legal FAQs on the basis of topics like patents, copyrights and trademarks. The Jurisdiction section presents users with a interactive coverage map that lets them explore FAQs based on various countries.

LimeGreen IP Home Page

LimeGreen IP Home Page


The Topics section presents users with three drop-down menus that let users modify their search according to their preferred topics. These options are: Topic, Area of Interest and FAQs.

LimeGreen IP Topics Section

LimeGreen IP Topics Section

The Topic drop-down menu lets users select the domain in which they are interested. The domains are: Trademarks, Unfair Competition, Patents, Copyrights and Designs.

LimeGreen IP Topic Domains

LimeGreen IP Topic Domains

The Area of Interest drop-down options will depend on what users select as their Topic. For example, after selecting Patents as the primary topic, users are presented with Law on Employee’s Invention, Patent Litigation and The Unified Patent Court as areas of interest.

LimeGreen IP Areas of Interest

LimeGreen IP Areas of Interest

The FAQs drop-down options are in turn influenced by the choices made in the Topics and Area of Interest sections. For example, selecting Patents as the primary topic and Patent Litigation as the Area of Interest, users are presented with a set of legal FAQs that are based on their previous two choices.

LimeGreen IP FAQs

LimeGreen IP FAQs


Another interesting feature worth mentioning is that once users have selected the FAQ they want to view from the final drop-down, a list of jurisdictions to which the FAQ applies to appears in the bottom section. This feature allows users to view relevant FAQs without having to venture into the Jurisdiction section of the tool. Users can also download a PDF file containing all the FAQs, categorised by jurisdictions, based on the Topic they select.


The Jurisdiction section features an interactive map of the world that lets users explore FAQs based on the IP law of a particular region. The regions covered by the LimeGreen IP tool include Benelux, China, Europe, European Union, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States.

LimeGreen IP Jurisdiction Section

LimeGreen IP Jurisdiction Section

When users select a particular region, the topics that are covered by the IP law of that particular region will appear. For example, if users select the United States as their region of choice, they will be allowed to view FAQs on copyright, patents and trademarks. Clicking on a particular topic will take users to a list of FAQs that can be viewed in list form.

LImeGreen IP FAQs

LimeGreen IP FAQs


The LimeGreen IP tool also offers users access to the LimeGreen IP News page, that gives users an insight into the latest high-profile intellectual property cases and rulings.


What do you think of the LimeGreen IP FAQ search tool? Tell us in the comments below!
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