USPTO And Reed Tech Launch New Patent Alerts Service

The United States Patent and Trademarks Office, in partnership with Reed Technology and Information Services, has launched the new Patent Application Alert Service (PAAS) platform, a free content change detection and notification service that provides customized email alerts to the public when U.S. patent applications are published. The tool will also allow users direct access to published patent applications that match their search requirements. More on the tool after the break!


Even though the service is free, users will be required to sign-up before they start getting alerts. Registration is fairly simple, despite the strict password guidelines that have been put in place.

PAAS Password Set-up

PAAS Password Set-up


Another thing to keep in mind is that you will have to scroll down to the end of the Terms and Conditions section in order to activate the check box that lets you agree to them before you click the Create Account button.


PAAS is fairly simple to use. Users are allowed to create alerts based on keywords related to the field of their choice, which can be searched across various sections of a patent application, including patent title, applicant or inventor name, abstract, claims, or CPC classification.

Creating New Alerts

Creating New Alerts


The Add Sub Condition button, which is located at the bottom, allows users to expand their search query with more keywords. Users will be able to save their queries using the Save button on the right hand corner. Beside it, the Test Run button lets users check whether the query is working or not.

Users will be provided with a list of published patent applications that match their search criteria along with instructions on how to make a pre-issuance prior art submission into a particular application.


Even though individuals or entities filing patent applications get notified about their publication fairly quickly by the USPTO, inventors who have assigned their patent applications to another organization might not get notified on time. PAAS will allow them to receive email alerts about the published patent applications instantly. PAAS can also be used by third parties to file pre-issuance prior art for a particular patent application. It could also prove valuable for companies looking to monitor the patent landscape of their particular sector by being notified about competitors’ newly published patent applications. From a research and investment point of view, PAAS will offer insights into the industry trends of a particular sector by timely notification about new patent applications and alerting investors about technology that could infringe on their own.


What do you think about Patent Application Alert System? Tell us your views in the comments below!

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