Japan Patent Office Releases J-Plat Pat

The Japan Platform for Patents (J-Plat Pat) is a new patent searching platform launched by the Japan Patent Office (JPO) that is designed to offer patent information including Japanese utility models, design and trademark data to aid in intellectual property strategy building. The platform is a successor to the Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL) service which has now been discontinued by the JPO. The service comes in both English and Japanese language versions. Read on for an in-depth look at J-Plat Pat.

English Language User Interface and Functionality

J-Plat Pat’s user interface has been designed to be very easy to understand and navigate, with the home page containing many tools that a user will need to perform a patent search. The home page contains a matrix of four columns, which are, Number Search, Classification Search, Text Search and Classification, with each column containing the related tools in list form.

J-Plat Pat Home Page

J-Plat Pat Home Page

Under the Number Search column users can perform a Patent & Utility Model Number Search using the document number of the patent and utility model. The number search interface is to the point and clutter free, allowing users to search patents using a variety of document number categories like patent application number, patent trial number and utility model application number.

Patent & Utility Model Number Search, J-Plat Pat

Patent & Utility Model Number Search, J-Plat Pat

The Classification Search section allows users to search patents based on FI and F-term classification. The interface offers various search fields including patent kind, theme code, FI/F-term, publication date and priority of search result display.

FI/F-term Search, J-Plat Pat

FI/F-term Search, J-Plat Pat

The Text Search feature allows users to perform a text-based search of the Patent Abstracts of Japan (PAJ). The search interface is clean and simple and contains a limited number of fields including abstract, title of invention, applicant, publication date and IPC. The search results will first appear in list view while a more detailed version of a patent can be viewed by accessing each patent individually.

PAJ Text Search, J-Plat Pat

PAJ Text Search, J-Plat Pat

The Classification section gives access to the Patent Map Guidance search tool which allows users to refer to FI/F-term and retrieve a classification by keywords.

Patent Map Guidance Tool. J-Plat Pat.

Patent Map Guidance Tool. J-Plat Pat.

The tool also allows users to perform a IPC/FI Concordance Search and an Inquiry search for classifications.


Japanese Language Functionality

Although the English language interface has been improved upon especially in terms of  usability and accessibility, the functionality is almost the same as IPDL. However, the Japanese version of J-Plat Pat comes with some core functionality enhancements. Some of them are:

  • In IPDL, users only can perform a combination search between IPC/FI and keywords/applicants/assignees while in the Japanese version of J-Plat Pat, users can perform a combination search between F-Term and keywords/applicants/assignees as well.  F-Term is a Japanese domestic patent classifications standard that is categorized not only according to technical features but also purpose, usage and parameters.
  • In the Patent and Utility Model Text Search (特許・実用新案テキスト検索) menu, users can use the NPL search function  powered by J-Global, which has been developed by the Japanese Science & Technology Agency.
Patent and Utility Model Text Search, J-Plat Pat, Japanese Version.

Patent and Utility Model Text Search, J-Plat Pat, Japanese Version.

  • The Japanese version of J-Plat Pat also supports command line-based search function ((論理式) such as [:20120101/AD]*[クラウド/AB]-[トナー/AB].

INPIT (National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training), which developed J-Plat Pat, has said that they’re planning additional enhancements, such as utilization of patent family information and cooperation with other patent offices.

Data Coverage

The J-Plat Pat platform gives users access to the following data:

  • Patent & Utility Model Number
  • Design Number
  • FI/F-term
  • Design Classification
  • Patent Abstracts of Japan (PAJ)
  • Japanese Trademark Database
  • Japanese Figure Trademarks


What do you think of the new J-Plat Pat platform and how can it help you with your patent searches? Let us know in the comments below!



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