WIPO Releases PCT Report 2014

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has released a report on patent filing activities for 2014. According to the report, WIPO’s Patent Corporation Treaty (PCT) saw 214,500 patent applications filed in the year 2014, representing an increase of 4.5% over 2013. The United States and China together accounted for 87% of the total growth in patent filings. More on the report after the break.

PCT Filing Trends

WIPO Top 10 Countries

WIPO Top 10 Countries

The United States led the list of Top 10 countries in terms of patent filings under the PCT with 61,492 patent applications, accounting for 28.7% of the total share. Japan and China secured the second and third places with 42,459 (19.8%) and 25,539 (11.9%) applications respectively. They were followed by Germany (18,008, 8.4%), Republic of Korea (13,151, 6.1%), France (8,319, 3.9%), UK (5,282, 2.5%), Netherlands (4,218, 2%), Switzerland (4,115, 1.9%) and Sweden (3,925, 1.8%).

In terms of growth, China (18.7%) emerged as the only country to register a double-digit figure, followed by the UK with 9% growth and the US with 7.1%. Meanwhile, Japan, Switzerland and Sweden were the only countries in the Top 10 list to experience a fall in patent filings.

Among the BRICS nations, after China, India emerged as the largest user of PCT with 1,394 applications, followed by the Russian Federation (890), Brazil (581) and South Africa (297).


PCT Filings by Fields of Technology

WIPO Filings by Fields of Technology

WIPO Published Applications by Fields of Technology

According to the WIPO report, there were 17,653 published patent applications in the field of computer technology, the highest compared to other fields, accounting for 8.4% of the total applications.  Computer Technology was followed by Digital Communication (16,165, 14.5%), Electrical Machinery, Apparatus and Energy (15,220, 1.1%), Medical Technology (13,996, 17.1%) and Measurement (9,000, 12.6%).

WIPO noted that although pharmaceutical patent filings experienced considerable growth up to 2007, they have stagnated since then.


Top PCT Applicants

WIPO Top 10 PCT Applicants

WIPO Top 10 PCT Applicants

Chinese telecommunications giant Hauwei came in first on the list of Top 50 applicants in 2014 with 3,442 patents. The company also experienced the largest increase in patent filings in 2014. Hauwei was followed by US-based rival Qualcomm, which registered 2,409 patent applications. China’s ZTE Corp. came in third with 2,179 PCT applications.


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