Patent Search System News Round-up, Winter 2015

The new year has brought a new round of updates from major patent search systems, including subscription databases PatBase, PatBase Express, and Relecura and free tool the Lens (formerly known as Patent Lens).  What’s new on these systems?  Here’s just a quick sample:

  • New design search commands and litigation information on PatBase.
  • Limit search and display to a specific country in PatBase Express.
  • Search history and non-US assignment data in now on Relecura.
  • New analysis and filtering options for genomic patent searches are available on The Lens.

Continue reading to get the full scoop on all the newly added improvements to these systems!

PatBase and PatBase Express

According to PatBase User News, the following updates were added to PatBase and PatBase Express in February 2015:

  • New search command to retrieve Designs 
    • Retrieve design patents with the new command, which can also be combined with country codes. For example:
    • (TAC=(Crane*) and DESIGN=(YES))
    • (TAC=(Crane*) and DESIGN=(US OR CN))
  • New Litigation option in Legal Status view
    • PatBase & Express users can now view Litigation information for US publications by clicking on the Litigation icon (a gavel) at top of the Legal status window to view a litigation summary table for US patents in the family. An external link is also provided to RPX’s searchable patent litigation database.
View patent litigation data from the legal status window.

View patent litigation data from the legal status window on PatBase.

  • Coverage Enhancements
    • Additional Colombian (CO) back file full text from 1995 and ongoing updates.
    • Japanese (JP) B documents backfile from 2012 to 1994.
    • French (FR) B documents full text backfile and ongoing updates.
    • Israel (IL) – full text and additional bibliographic data from 1975, and a new data feed has been made possible with the help of the Israeli Patent Office and WIPO.
    • A new faster feed has speeded up addition of UK (GB) patents.
    • A new faster feed for Chinese (CN) patents, utility models and designs means they are now available on or as close to the day of publication as possible.
    • Chinese PDFs available day of publication and full PDFs can be downloaded instantly by all users with ‘save complete PDF’ option.
    • New Russian (RU) Register links have been enabled from the family table or legal status view.
  • Country Mode in PatBase Express – limit search and display to a specific country.
    • PatBase Express users can limit their searches to a specific country by selecting from a country list before carrying out a search. Default is set to worldwide but users can restrict their search to any one country – only patents from that country will be retrieved and displayed meaning it is effectively like searching a subset of the PatBase database.
  • “Add to folder” from within folder view
    • Add a record into another saved/new folder from within a folder. Click on the yellow folder icon at top right of the folder view.

The Relecura Blog describes the following updates which were added to the system in January 2015:

  • Relecura Assignees – This is a new field that has been added to determine the current owner of a patent asset. A set of heuristics are applied to determine this field from other documents in the kind code series and related documents in the patent family.
  • Public Portfolio – This feature makes it possible for Relecura users to share document sets with others by providing a link. The link may be embedded in reports as well. A Relecura account is not required to access a Public Portfolio.
  • Public Documents – This feature enables the sharing of individual documents with non-Relecura users and other third parties. These links may be embedded in reports just like Public Portfolios.
  • Ability to search the Non-patent Literature (NPL) citations – Users can now search within the Non-Patent Literature references cited on the face of the patent document.
  • Search History – This allows the user to scan previous searches made and revisit them if required. There is no requirement to have explicitly saved each of the intermediate queries to load them back as a result set for further analysis at a later date.
Search history on Relecura.

Search history on Relecura.

  • Technology Categories added to Advanced Search – Users may now search using Relecura’s curated Technology Categories. This is available as a field within Advanced Search and elsewhere.
  • Addition of non-US Assignment data – Assignment records for EP (Europe), DE (Germany) and CN (China) documents have been added to the database.

The Lens
The Lens (formerly known as Patent Lens) is a free patent search tool that has been updated multiple times since December 2013, especially with additional genomic search capabilities and analysis tools. The most recent release of the system in February 2015 included the following improvements:

  • PatSeq Analyzer – The PatSeq genome browser is now available as a stand-alone tool and includes a large set of filtering and search capabilities, including SEQ ID NO and gene search.
Search and filtering options on PatSeq Analyzer.

Search and filtering options on PatSeq Analyzer.

  • PatSeq Genomes – Three new genomes have been added: maize, rice and soybean. All genomes are available in PatSeq Explorer and PatSeq Analyzer.
  • PatSeq Finder – The work area has been extended to include the PatSeq Finder search history. Here you can manage your previous sequence searches. By default these can only be accessed by you. Now you can publish them, allowing you to share search results publicly or embed them in 3rd party sites.
  • Other Improvements
    • PatSeq Explorer and PatSeq Analyzer now provide state-aware URLs, making it easier to share and bookmark specific views. Both tools also provide bulk download options to download mapped sequences for genomic regions of interest.
    • Instructional videos have been added for most of the PatSeq tools.
    • HTTPS support has been added to

Do you know of any patent search system updates?

Let us know in the comments!

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