IHS Engineering360 – An Online Space for Engineers

IHS Engineering360 is an online portal designed for engineers and technicians looking for industry data and reports and engineering parts under one roof. The website features an active news section, a marketplace for engineers, a standards document repository, a reference library and a community section offering forums and blogs. Patent searchers looking to invalidate prior art references may find this resource useful. Get more on IHS Engineering360 after the break!

What is it?

IHS Engineering360 is a website targeted towards engineers and technicians with the aim of helping them with the research that goes into technical projects. The core content offered on the website includes News and Analysis, Products and Suppliers, Standards Directory, Reference Library and Engineering Community. IHS Engineering360 offers a massive repository of engineering-related news and research documents and also helps engineers connect with parts suppliers.



IHS Engineering360 comprises various sections tailor-made to cater to engineering needs. These sections are:

  • News and Analysis – This section publishes articles, curated by a dedicated editorial staff, that cover industry news and perspectives, insights, critical data and analysis. The news articles and editorials are available in the Latest News section while industry-specific articles can be found under the Industries section. The Technology tab is home to articles pertaining to specific technologies. Users can also search for industry events by name and date under the Events section. Interviews, industry seminars and talks can be found under the Multimedia tab.
  • Products and Suppliers – The Products and Suppliers section offers engineers and technicians access to more than 120 million parts, which are searchable by specification. Users are able to browse available products on the basis of catalogs related to different fields of engineering including building and construction, manufacturing and process equipment and semiconductors. This section also allows users to browse different service providers and consultants related to their industry.
Browsing Product and Supplies

Browsing Product and Supplies, credit IHS Engineering360

  • Standards Directory – The directory allows users to access metadata and abstracts of more than 1 million standards documents. The Standards Directory features a news section that provides a stream of articles related to standards. Researchers are able to search for standards on the basis of keywords, industry, technology and title.  There is also a Featured Standards section that offers an insight into important standards documents.
Browsing Standards Library, credit IHS Engineering360

Browsing Standards Library, credit IHS Engineering360

  • Reference Library – The Reference Library contains more than 95 million engineering documents, white papers, articles, reports, publications and ebooks that can be used by engineers and technicians in their ongoing research. The library comes with a straightforward user interface. There is a search box at the top of the page that lets users perform keyword-based searches of books, journal articles and engineering methods, depending upon what they require. Engineers also have the option of searching across all fields. The results section is uncluttered with filtering features that let users sort the results based on document type and publishers. A maximum of 100 results can displayed on a page.
Reference Library Search Results, credit IHS Engineering360

Reference Library Search Results, credit IHS Engineering360

  • CR4 Engineering CommunityCR4 is an interaction platform for the engineering community that offers industry specific communities, forum threads and blog posts. Users can access the latest forum threads, news articles and blog posts from the main CR4 page or they can delve into industry specific sections.


Are you an engineer or a patent searcher? What was your experience while using this resource? Tell us about it in the comments section below!



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