New Updates for the AcclaimIP Patent Search System

Subscription based patent search and analysis platform AcclaimIP has rolled out new updates pertaining to assignee names and data export options that are designed to streamline the patent search process and make it easier for users to export the right data. Get more details after the jump!

Assignee Normalization Features

AcclaimIP revealed in a blog post that it has made several enhancements to its assignee normalization features that will go a long way in improving its users’ search experience:

  • Improved Assignee Normalization – As many of you would know, almost every company has multiple variants of its name published in patent applications, making it rather difficult for patent searchers to zero-in on the patents they want. AcclaimIP has started normalizing these unstructured assignee names and 5,000 company names have already been normalized. The search system states that it is normalizing the names of almost 1,000 companies each week.
  • Faceting Based on Current and Original Assignee Names – You will now be able to facet, filter, analyze and chart patents on the basis of both original and current assignee names. This feature is particularly useful when the assignee name is changed after a transaction or a name change.
  • Detecting Transacted Patents – Searchers will now be able to pin point patents that have been transacted, meaning the patents that have different current assignee and original assignee names. AcclaimIP revealed that users will be able to analyze both the buyer and the seller of the patent within the search results.
Assignee-Transacted-Filter, courtesy AcclaimIP blog.

Assignee-Transacted-Filter, Image from AcclaimIP blog.

  • New Syntax – AcclaimIP has introduced three new assignee field codes that can be used while creating advanced queries on the AcclaimIP syntax. The new field codes are ANO (Assignee Name Original), ANC (Assignee Name Current) and AN_TRANS for transacted patents.


New Options for Exporting Patent Data

AcclaimIP has rolled out new data export options for its search system. In a blog post, the company informed its users that new options are now in place for exporting full claims, family data and citing data:

  • Exporting Full Claims – Users will now be able to export the full claims data including only claim 1. Gold users will be able to export 500 claims documents while silver users will be able to export 100. As the excel files tend to get unwieldy as their size increases, AcclaimIP limits the data that can be exported in a single file. However, if users want to export more documents than the set limit, they can contact the company for the same.
  • Exporting Family Data – Searchers will be able to download the entire simple family members data in a column.
  • Exporting Citing Data – Now, the citing company name followed by the unique documents cited by it for the patent can be exported by users. Gold users can export not more than 1,000 documents while silver users can only export 5 documents as it is a gold only feature.
  • Sort Order of Export – Now, users will be able to export patent search data in the manner in which it was sorted in the search result grid. This feature is useful when you are exporting best matches data from Similar Document or QueryFlow search.
Exporting by Sort Order, Courtesy AcclaimIP Blog

Exporting by Sort Order, Image from AcclaimIP Blog

Do you find these updates to AcclaimIP useful? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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This post was contributed by Abhishek Tiwari. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.

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