An Easier Way to Search Patent Reexam Data: Patent Savant

USPTO’s PAIR provides invaluable status information for US patent documents, but accessing this information can be tedious and frustrating due to PAIR’s inconvenient user interface.  Users must continually enter reCAPTCHA data to access the search form, very limited search options are available through the search form, and the portal will time out on you after a few minutes of inactivity.  Wouldn’t it be nice to find an alternative to PAIR for searching US patent status data?

Now there is an alternative, at least for US patent reexamination records.  Patent Savant, a web portal created by Patent Savant LLC, allows users to access patent reexam data for free through a much more user-friendly interface than PAIR, and subscribing users can access broader search options, alerts, and annotation tools.

After the jump, learn how to search US patent reexam data for free on Patent Savant!

About Patent Savant

Patent Savant is a subscription-based online tool created by Patent Savant LLC that searches USPTO reexam data from USPTO’s PAIR. Users can register for free and “search for reexam data based on the same search categories as the USPTO office– without the timeouts and captcha solving.”

Users who subscribe to Patent Savant can access additional features such as:

  • Search by additional search categories like Examiner and Attorney.
  • Set alerts to be updated on a reexam’s status.
  • Use the Notes tool to create an archive on comments which can be shared with others.
  • Users can track their usage time with a built in accounting tool.


After registering for a free account, users can select the “Search With PAIR+” option in the upper right corner of the homepage to open the search window for the portal. The search window includes a drop-down menu of search options, including those for subscribing users only (Examiner, Class/Subclass, Filing Date, Title, Attorney) and basic PAIR search options for registered users (Application Number, Control Number, Patent Number, PCT Number). Examples of how to correctly enter a term for a given search option are listed beside some options in the drop-down menu (i.e., Filing Date (YYYY-MM-DD)).

The search form on Patent Savant.

The search form on Patent Savant.

After selecting a search field, the user can enter the name or number in a search form below the drop-down menu and select to search by Inter Partes reexams, Ex Parte reexams, or both.

Select “Know it All” to conduct the initial search, and all relevant results will appear in a table listing the application number, examiner name, filing date, class/sublcass, and patent name for each result. Search results can be sorted by any of these column fields in ascending or descending order.

Search results displayed in a table on Patent Savant.

Search results displayed in a table on Patent Savant.

Select a record from the results list to view the application data. Users can also view other data related to the reexam record by choosing from a menu of tabs above the record data:

  • Application data
  • Transaction history
  • Image File Wrapper (select a document to view it in PDF format)
  • Patent term adjustments
  • Published documents (this feature is coming soon)
  • Address and Attorney/Agent
  • Supplemental content
  • Display references (this feature is coming soon)
Viewing Image File Wrapper information for a reexam record on Patent Savant.

Viewing Image File Wrapper information for a reexam record on Patent Savant.

In a vertical menu to the right of the record data, users can select from additional options to save the data on the current page, print the page, add a note (subscribers only), set an alert for the record (subscribers only), or send feedback to the creators of the portal.


The free tools available through Patent Savant certainly offer a more user-friendly search interface for quickly looking up data on US patent reexaminations.  If you know the reexam record number (90/XXX,XXX for ex parte or 95/XXX,XXX for inter partes), Patent Savant may be a quicker and easier option than PAIR for looking up the reexam data.  Users who often work with reexamination records may benefit from the additional search features, annotation, and alert tools available for subscribing users.  The main downside to the Patent Savant portal is that it only searches reexam records currently, and users can’t pull up PAIR data for US patent applications or granted patents through this user-friendly portal.  Hopefully Patent Savant will eventually allow users to access all PAIR data through its interface, and we may finally have a strong alternative to USPTO PAIR.

Do you know of any tools that may be a user-friendly alternative to PAIR?  Let us know in the comments!

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