Two Fantastic Updates to Free Patent Search Tools: Espacenet and PATENTSCOPE

Free patent search tools like Espacenet and PATENTSCOPE are an excellent resource for both casual  and professional patent searchers who want to quickly locate data on a specific patent document or scope out more detailed citation, legal status, and family data for both US and non-US patent documents. Recently, both Espacenet (created by the EPO) and PATENTSCOPE (created by WIPO) released some useful new updates: direct links to the Common Citation Document (CCD) viewer are now accessible from INPADOC family lists on Espacenet, and a new collection of US patent documents has been added to PATENTSCOPE. 

After the jump, learn about the new citation viewing features for INPADOC families on Espacenet, and find out the coverage of PATENTSCOPE’s new US collection!

Direct CCD Links on Espacenet

According to the Espacenet homepage, there is now a direct link to the CCD (Common Citation Document) (which we’ve reviewed in detail in previous blog posts) from the Espacenet INPADOC family view.

When viewing a record on Espacenet, users can select the “Inpadoc patent family” link in the record menu.

Select to view the INPADOC family for a record on Espacenet.

Select to view the INPADOC family for a record on Espacenet.

At the top of the family list, to the far right on the horizontal list of menu options, users can select the CCD icon to open the CCD viewer in a new window, displaying all documents cited by the EPO, JPO and USPTO in the search process for applications for the same invention (from the INPADOC patent family) pending simultaneously at the three Offices.

Open the CCD viewer in a new window for an INPADOC family.

Open the CCD viewer in a new window for an INPADOC family.

Additionally, an option to “Show Citations” while viewing the INPADOC family list allows viewers to display an initial list of patent citations for each family member directly in the family list.

THe CCD viewer icon and the "view citations" option on Espacenet.

THe CCD viewer icon and the “view citations” option on Espacenet.

US Collection on PATENTSCOPE

According to the April 2013 Issue of the PCT Newsletter, PATENTSCOPE now includes a collection of US patent documents:

The PATENTSCOPE search system now includes the national patent data of the United States of America, with more than 10 million records dating from 1790 to the present day. This has expanded WIPO’s PATENTSCOPE collection to over 28 million searchable patent documents. The collection, which also includes over 2.2 million published PCT applications, is available here.This brings to 30 the number of national or regional patent Offices whose data is available in the PATENTSCOPE search system. Detailed information about data coverage for each Office can also be found at the above‑mentioned web page in the “Help” menu.

Users can search only the new US patent collection by accessing the Advanced Search on PATENTSCOPE, selecting to specify the offices searched ( which will expand a menu of all available collections organized by region), and click the check box besides the United States of America collection.  The user can then search within the US patent collection, in addition to any other selected collections.

Select to search the new US patent document collection on PATENTSCOPE.

Select to search the new US patent document collection on PATENTSCOPE.

Do You Know of Other Useful Updates?

PATENTSCOPE and Espacenet update their new tools and collections on a regular basis, so let us know if you’ve spotted other interesting updates that have recently been added to either free patent search tool! 

Which recent update to Espacenet or PATENTSCOPE do you find the most useful?  Let us know in the comments!

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