Major Updates to PatBase and PatBase Express

PatBase is a unique patent search platform created by Minesoft and RWS Group which organizes patent publications under broad family-based records, and PatBase Express is a simplified version of PatBase targeted to novice patent searchers. We last took an indepth look at some of the newest features added to both PatBase and PatBase Express back in November 2012, when a Classification Finder, new folder export option, a new Excel export format, a PatBase Express interface in Spanish, and many other improvements were added to both systems.  Minesoft recently announced a number of new interface and coverage updates that have been added to both platforms, including the option to display Claims or Descriptions for a single publication according to your preferred country, more search and display tools on PatBase Express, translated assignee names for non-Latin families, and broader full-text coverage for Russia, Japan, and Taiwan. 

Continue reading for a quick summary of all the coverage updates and interface improvements on both the PatBase and PatBase Express platforms for Spring 2013!

Interface Improvements on PatBase

The publication “”What’s New In PatBase: Spring/Summer 2013” describes the many search, display, and export updates added to PatBase as of Spring 2013:

  • Co-operative Patent Classification (CPC) in PatBase – Officially launched in January 2013, the frontfile for the new classification is now fully loaded and searchable in the database using the Classification Finder and other search tools. The backfile processing for many millions of families is well underway but will take a couple more weeks to complete. Users can also sign up for free webinars running from March-July 2013 that give an overview of searching the CPC in PatBase. PatBase has also retained ECLA legacy data in PatBase in parallel, so ECLA classifications will still be displayed on records and searchable for historical reference.
Search the CPC using the Classification Finder (screenshot from "What’s New In PatBase?").

Search the CPC using the Classification Finder (screenshot from “What’s New In PatBase?”).

  • Faster PatBase – PatBase now runs up to three times faster due to a server upgrade in the beginning of 2013.
  • Offline Export Progress Bar – You can now keep track of offline exports with the progress bar which automatically appears at the top of your screen. The box can be closed, but if you leave it open the file can be downloaded directly from PatBase when it is complete.

The Offline Export Progess Bar (screenshot from “What’s New In PatBase?”).

  • Export Updates
    • The 1st main claim can now be included in ‘other formats’ exports.
    • Japanese F-term classifications can now be included in ‘other formats’ exports.
    • Non-Latin data can now be exported into formats such as CSV and XLS (the ‘other formats’ options in PatBase).
  • Long search queries minimized – Long search queries are automatically minimized on the search history page, and you can expand the query by clicking the ‘show full search.’
  • New Custom Display Format Options – Display Claims or Descriptions for a single publication according to your preferred country.

Interface Improvements on PatBase Express

Minesoft and RWS Group have also expanded the search tools, display options, save features, and export options available on PatBase Express, in order to make these useful tools accessible to novice searchers:

  • Saved Folders – Express users can now create and save permanent results folders by clicking on the new Folder icon found at the top of each record. Create shortcuts to add records to designated folders.
  • CPC on PatBase Express – CPC frontfile is already searchable in PatBase Express using the Advanced or Boolean Search Forms. Links to the classification definitions are available. The CPC will be fully searchable within the next couple of weeks.
  • Language Explorer has been added to the Basic and Non-Latin search forms on PatBase Express to enable you to retrieve multi-lingual synonyms of your keyword terms.
The Language Explorer on PatBase Express (screenshot from "What’s New In PatBase?").

The Language Explorer on PatBase Express (screenshot from “What’s New In PatBase?”).

  • Summarise and Compare functions now available when viewing full text on PatBase Express.
  • Chemical Synonym Search has been added to provide a way to find relevant synonyms and numbers to assist with chemical patent searching in PatBase Express.
  • Option to Search in the Same Publication added to the Advanced and Boolean search forms.
  • Advanced Offline Export – You can now order offline exports of over 100 records.
  • Family Explorer and Classification Explorer, Priority Map links now available in the record display.
  • Snapshot limit increased to sets of 5,000 records.
  • Advanced Highlighting now available – Apply an advanced highlighting scheme to results to highlight groups of keywords or phrases using up to five different colours.
  • PatBase Express Portuguese Interface – A Portuguese-language interface option has been added to PatBase Express.

Expanded Coverage and Translated Assignee Names

The publication also lists a number of expanded full-text and bibliographic coverage for Asian countries, as well as translation of assignee names for non-Latin families:

  • Russia
    • Applications (biblio., title & claims) – 2013 has been added and the backfile from 1994 is being loaded.
    • Patents (SU – biblio., Full text, representative image) – 2013 has been added and the backfile from 1924 is being loaded.
    • Utility Models (biblio., title & claims) – 2013 has been added and the backfile from 1994 is being loaded.
    • All Full-Text contains embedded images and has a side-by-side machine translation into English. You can search Russian data from the non-Latin search form.
Russian full text with embedded image and side-by-side English machine translation (screenshot from "What’s New In PatBase?").

Russian full text with embedded image and side-by-side English machine translation (screenshot from “What’s New In PatBase?”).

  • Japan – JP application full-text is now available from 1993, and JP registered utility models from 1994 to 2010.
  • Taiwan
    • Bibliographic data for patents and utility models to present.
    • Bibliographic data for patent applications from 200305010 (when it began) to present.
    • Full Text for patent applications with searchable machine translations from 200901 to currently 201212.
  • Hong Kong bibliographic data from 200405 to date.
  • India representative images for patent applications.
  • Vietnam patent data from 1986, and utility models from 1989 to 2012.
  • PCT non-Latin full-text (JP, CN, KR) from 1979 to date.
  • EP and WO full-text machine translations from 1979.
  • Canadian Bibliographic Additions.
  • Coming soon: Norwegian Full Text with machine translations.
  • Translated assignee names for non-Latin families – Patent Assignee names for the top filers for China, Japan, Korea and Thailand are being translated into Latin where there is no Latin name yet available in the patent family. The Latin translation appears in the standard (std) assignee field on the record. Work is also underway for Russian assignees.


Professional patent searchers often use PatBase during prior art searches due to its flexible advanced search options, clean interface with many useful search and display tools, broad full-text coverage, and unique family records.  PatBase Express makes the broad coverage of PatBase accessible to less experienced searchers through a simplified and user-friendly interface.  The 2013 updates to PatBase and PatBase Express integrate a new classification system onto both platforms, add many search and display tools to PatBase Express, and expand the coverage of bibliographic and full-text patent data for a number of Asian countries. 

Which recent PatBase updates do you think are most important for patent searchers? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Have you tried out and compared their Patent Order database? I was curious how that compares to some of the others..

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