The 3 Best Ways to Find Google Search Product News

In 2012, I discussed some of the best websites for locating database updates and search platform news.  A network of blogs and websites exists that caters specifically to professional searchers and IT specialists, and these sites discuss the latest updates to popular patent and non-patent literature search platforms.  The websites for specific database and search systems also often list the latest news about their respective search platforms, although these press releases are usually rather promotional in comparison to the more objective search engine news sites.  One specific search platform mentioned frequently on these sites is both highly utilized and highly controversial within the prior art search community: Google.

Google produces a number of useful products that often provide a good starting point for patent and non-patent literature (NPL) prior art searches, such as Google Scholar, Google Books, and Google Patents.  Users should remember, however, that Google is not the end-all resource for prior art searches.  Both free and subscription patent and non-patent literature (NPL) databases exist that contain specialized collections of patent records, scholarly journal articles, etc. that aren’t accessible at all on Google.  The Google search algorithm will also never replace the human strategy, technical knowledge, search skills, and multilingual knowledge of professional patent searchers. Just as a machine translation tool like Google Translate can’t replace the knowledge and comprehension of a professional human translator, Google search products can’t replace the expertise and strategy of a professional searcher.  Google is just one of many search resources in the patent searcher’s tool belt.

Keeping that caveat in mind, Google products still provide an excellent starting point for scoping out relevant prior art (especially non-patent literature), so searchers should stay up-to-date on the latest Google news and product releases.  After the jump, learn about three techniques for finding the latest Google search news!

General Tech Sites

Many general technology-related news websites publish articles and reviews on a nearly daily basis about Google.  These articles may be objective or include the author’s opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of the update, and they may also relate the Google update to broader technology trends. Although these sites don’t post as often about Google as the search engine-specific sites or official company blogs, they still provide a relatively regular source of Google-related news.  Examples of general technology sites that include tags or topic sections on Google include:

  • CNet – View a list of all posts tagged with the topic “Google.”
  • Tech Crunch – This site lists all Google-tagged articles under a topics page.
  • ZDNet – This site lists all Google-related articles under a summary of the company on a topics page.  The Google topics page includes lists of featured stories, related topics, and articles that can be sorted under “Latest Articles,” “Photos,” “Videos,” and “Reviews.”
The Google topics section of the ZDNet website.

The Google topics section of the ZDNet website.

Search Engine New Sites

There are a number of websites devoted only to search engine-related news, and like the general technology sites, these search engine-related websites will often have a section of the site dedicated only to articles about Google. These articles are also usually objective or include reviews listing both the positive and negative aspects of the Google updates. These sites may update on the topic of Google more frequently than the general technology websites.  Examples of search engine-related websites that report on Google news include:

  • Search Engine Land – This site reports often on Google news, although no section of the site is specifically dedicated to the topic.  A brief keyword search of “Google” through the search box on the site reveals a lengthy list of articles that can be sorted by date.
  • Search Engine Watch – This site includes a news feed of the latest Google-related articles.
  • Search Engine Roundtable – This site includes a specific section dedicated to Google Search Engine news, with suggested similar topics, recent entries, and older entries listed on the category page.
A list of Google Search Engine news on the Search Engine Roundtable site.

A list of Google Search Engine news on the Search Engine Roundtable site.

Google Blogs

Google publishes a large number of official blogs, including language-specific blogs and blogs on specific products.  See the full list of Official Google Blogs on the Blog Directory page, where the list can be sorted by various categories, languages, and regions.  Since the blogs are published by Google, they will generally have a positive and promotional tone about the recent updates.  These blogs may list the official Google update news more quickly than the other news sites.  Examples of popular official blogs include:

The directory of official Google blogs.

The directory of official Google blogs.


The official Google Blogs will often be the first venues to report major changes to the Google search products, and these blogs will also offer useful and insightful tips on efficiently utilizing these updates to improve your search strategy.  However, the official blog posts are often very promotional, just like the press releases on the database vendor websites, so searchers may also want to monitor the Google-related news on tech and search engines news sites to receive well-rounded insight on the positive and negative aspects of the recent Google updates.  Google products are just a few of multiple patent and NPL databases and search platforms that patent search professionals will utilize during a prior art search, so searchers should also monitor the updates to other popular free and subscription search platforms.  Keep an eye on the Major Recent Update sections of the Intellogist System Reports for the latest changes to many of these important patent and NPL search systems.

Where do you read your Google-related news? Let us know in the comments!

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