WIPO Country Profiles: A Global Portal for IP Information

In a previous post, I highlighted the abundance of important resources that intellectual property (IP) professionals can find on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website: search systems for brands, patents, and IP-related laws and treaties through the WIPO GOLD portalIP Statistics at both an international level and for individual countries,  a wide range of IP news through the WIPO Magazine, a directory of IP offices, and more. The WIPO website includes country-specific information through both the IP office directory and the statistical country profiles,  but this useful information was previously unavailable through a central and easily accessible location.  The WIPO website has recently solved this problem by creating a central portal to access IP country profiles, and each profile links to contact information, legal information, statistics, and cooperation activities for a country.  This new portal provides an easy way for patent professionals to quickly locate all important information that WIPO has compiled for a specific country, without wasting time navigating through multiple portals on the website.

Continue reading to learn how to access the IP contact information, statistical data, and legal information for over 190 countries through the WIPO Country Profiles portal!

The December 2012 issue of the PCT Newsletter includes an article which describe the new WIPO Country Profiles portal.  According to the newsletter article, this portal links to profiles of over 190 countries:

The country profile pages enable quick and easy access to information which is taken from multiple WIPO databases. As well as giving information on the use of the PCT in a particular country (by Office of origin of the application and by designated Office), they include information on WIPO treaty membership and national IP laws, on the use of the Madrid and Hague Systems, on IP filing and domain name dispute statistics, as well as on technical assistance activities. They also provide access, by country, to collections of IP success stories and videos, to national awareness-raising campaigns, and to the latest country-tagged photos in WIPO’s Flickr sets.

Accessing the Portal

The portal can be accessed through two separate links on the WIPO website homepage.  The user will find a link to IP Country Profiles in the lower right corner of the homepage screen, or the user can select the “Resources” option from the top horizontal menu and select “Country Profiles” from the drop-down menu. The portal includes two simple navigation options:

  1. Select a continent from the map and then choose from an alphabetical list of countries for that specific region.
  2. Select a country from an alphabetical drop-down menu below the map.

After selecting a country from the region-specific lists or general drop-down menu, the user will be taken to the country-specific profile.

Search for country profiles by region or from an alphabetical drop-down menu.

Search for country profiles by region or from an alphabetical drop-down menu.

Country-Specific Profiles

Depending on the availability of information and the participation level of the country in WIPO activities, a country profile may contain the following information and links:

  • A display of the country flag.
  • A link to the contact information for the country’s national IP offices (also accessible through the IP Office Directory).
  • Basic legal information about the country and links to additional charts, such as when the nation joined WIPO, national IP laws and regulations (from WIPO Lex), membership of WIPO treaties and notifications, and membership of WIPO bodies.
  • Statistical information for the country, including a link to the country’s IP statistical profile and the number of domain name disputes.
  • Links to recent cooperation activities which the country has participated in, such as technical assistance activities (as a host or beneficiary) and WIPO meetings.
  • Use of WIPO services for:
    • Technology (link to the country’s PCT System Procedures, and locate international applications through PATENTSCOPE where the country’s IP office is the office of origin or designated office).
    • Brands (link to the country’s Madrid System Procedures, and locate international applications through Global Brand Database where the country’s IP office is the office of origin or designated office).
    • Designs (link to the country’s Hague System Procedures, and locate international applications through Hague Express where the country’s IP office is the applicant’s contracting party or designated office).
  • Links to examples of IP in Action for the country, including case studies, outreach campaigns, outreach research, and photos.
  • Links to articles about recent events in which the country participated.

Some country profiles include much less information than other country profiles.  The amount of information included in the profile seems to be dependent on the amount of the country’s participation in WIPO activities. For example, in the screenshot below, Germany (an active WIPO member) seems to have a very complete profile:

The WIPO country profile for Germany.

The WIPO country profile for Germany.

Meanwhile, Tuvalu (which is not a member state of WIPO) has a very sparse profile:

The WIPO country profile for Tuvalu.

The WIPO country profile for Tuvalu.


The WIPO website provides a wide variety of free tools for patent searchers to locate country-specific IP information, and the WIPO country profiles provide a simple central portal for locating all information compiled by WIPO about each country. The profiles will include much more limited information for non-WIPO countries, while more information seems to be available for very active WIPO member counties.  Patent professionals should locate the IP office website of a country directly to verify that the WIPO information is up-to-date, but the WIPO country profile will be a good place to start a search for contact information or statistics for a national IP office.

Do you know of other directories for locating country-specific intellectual property information? Let us know in the comments!

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