Where to Find Patent & IP Videos and Podcasts Online

It’s useful to know where to find intellectual property-related books, newsfeeds, and blogs, but the internet offers other multimedia options for watching and listening to IP and patent news and discussions. A broad variety of video and audio resources are available for patent professionals, ranging from online video courses to free podcasts.  Many patent and intellectual property authorities offer free educational videos and podcasts on their websites, including the USPTO, EPO, and WIPO.  You can also locate free patent or IP-related podcasts through blogs, online directories, and organizational websites.  Finally, users can purchase high-quality online video courses about patent law, searching, or business techniques, and video-on-demand courses are even available to aid viewers in passing the US Patent Bar Exam.

After the jump, learn how to find the best podcasts and online videos about patents and intellectual property through patent authority websites, blogs, online directories, and  organizational sites!

Video and Audio on IP Authority Websites

Free audio and video clips are available on a number of English-language patent and IP authority websites:

  • WIPO – The WIPO website offers live webcasts of current WIPO assemblies and video-on-demand footage of past assembly meetings and events.  From the “Resources” section of the main horizontal drop-down menu for the site, select the “Webcasting” option to view any current live webcasts and a drop-down menu of all previous events available through Videos on Demand. These events often consist of dozens of hours of video, divided into numerous parts over a number of days.

A video of an event available on the WIPO website.

  • EPO – The EPO website hosts a section dedicated to “Films, videos, and podcasts,” which includes links (and an RSS feed) of the latest videos and podcasts created by the EPO, a short film that provides a portrait of the European Patent Office, links to videos of the European Inventor Award over the past five years, and a link to the EPO channel on Youtube.
  • USPTO – A section of the website is dedicated to USPTO Video Streams, which can be downloaded as videos, videos with captions, a printable transcript of the video, or a list of presented issues (when available). Video topics include independent inventor resources, trademark newsflashes, a history and tour of the USPTO, and information on protecting geographical indications.

Free Patent and IP Podcasts

Free podcasts on patent and intellectual property topics can be founds through online resources like blogs, directories, and organizational websites:

  • Blogs such as PatentlyO, Patent Baristas, and IPKat often announce upcoming podcasts on popular IP topics.  Users can simply search for the term “Podcast” within the keyword search form available on each blog to locate all podcast-related posts.  These posts can help users locate organizational sites that periodically host free IP-related podcasts.  For example, the PatentlyO post from October 30, 2012, “Mossoff and Epstein on Patent Rights,” links to a podcast available from the Intellectual Property Practice Group of the Federalist Society.
  • Users can often locate entire podcast series on organizational sites through the links on IP and patent-related blog posts.  From the blog post described above, the user is taken to Federalist Society website, where they can select to return to the Practice Group Podcasts menu and view all podcasts created by the Intellectual Property Practice Group.

Description and option to download a podcast by the Intellectual Property Practice Group of the Federalist Society.

  • Users can also search the podcast directory at Podfeed.net to locate podcast series tagged with terms like “patent” or “intellectual property.” Not many podcast series are listed under these particular tags, but users may find some interesting discussions within the podcasts available on this site.

Online Video Courses on Patent Law, Searching, and Business

Learn about patent law, searching, and business techniques through Patent Resources Group’s Video on Demand (VOD) courses:

  •  Video Patent Bar Review Course This course provides 37.5 hours of instruction time through lectures by patent law expert Paul Gardner, and you’ll also see a PowerPoint presentation that follows along with the video.  The Video Course provides all of the same instruction and materials as the Classroom Course, with the flexibility of proceeding at your own pace.  In addition to the Video Course, you’ll also get free access to ExamWare®, a highly-acclaimed patent exam preparation software that’s available online.

Watching the Patent Bar Review through Video on Demand.

  • Methods to Improve Your Patent Search – This three-module Video on Demand course is designed to introduce or enhance the knowledge of patent attorneys and agents, inventors, paralegals and research managers on how to conduct a professional patent search. It is taught by Matthew Rodgers, Managing Director, Europe at Landon IP.  The first module covers “Search Mechanics and Searching for Patentability,” the second module covers “Searching for Validity or Invalidity,” and the final module in this series covers “Searching for Infringement, Clearance, or Freedom to Operate.”
  • Using Patents to Power Your Business Strategies – This three-module Video on Demand course taught by Robert Cantrell is designed for business strategists, business decision makers, and business executives to teach them about leveraging intellectual property for profit as a business strategy.  The course explores the dynamics behind creating, acquiring, advancing and defending patentable assets.


Whether you are looking for a quick free podcast with the a discussion on the latest patent-related news topic or an in-depth video course on patent searching, you can find these resources through authority websites, blogs, directories, or organizational websites around the web.  It may take a bit of searching and browsing through patent blogs, directories, and authority websites to locate a podcast or a free video on a particular IP topic, but the quality of these podcasts and videos is usually relatively high, since they are often created directly by a patent authority or organization focused on intellectual property law. Users can also obtain excellent and flexible patent-related education through the Video on Demand courses created by Patent Resources Group.  These online courses on the US Patent Bar Review, patent searching, and patent business techniques can be accessed anywhere with internet access.

Do you know of any other resources for located patent-related podcasts and online videos? Tell us about them in the comments!

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This post was contributed by Joelle Mornini. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.

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  1. The Suffolk University Law School has a podcast series dedicated to IP topics. These are available through iTunes University. Great topics are covered.

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