New Portal Announced with a Streamlined Interface for Faster Patent Searching

Earlier in November, a new Intellogist Report was released on the major patent search system.  The platform, created by Questel-Orbit, allows users to access the unique FamPat family records and additional indexing, but the wide variety of search and viewing options available through the portal can occasionally cause the interface to have a cluttered appearance. In October 2012, Questel announced the upcoming release of a new version of the portal that can be tested by users in a beta format. The new portal will notably include a number of interface cleanup features to make the user’s patent search and viewing experiences more streamlined and intuitive. Although the beta portal is accessible through a link on the homepage, many of the new features do not yet appear to be available.

Continue reading to view a full list of updated features and screenshots from a presentation on the new portal, including a new toolbar in the Xpert and Workfiles modules, enhancements to highlighting and search functions, and interface cleanup tools!

From the portal homepage, users will seen an announcement to view the “New version of Orbit now available in beta.” Select the link to the URL to access the beta format of the updated portal.  Users can then sign in normally through the beta portal. Recent testing of the portal seems to indicate that most of the changes listed below have not yet been added to the beta version of the system.

A presentation accessible from the homepage lists the various new and enhanced features of the updated portal (all screenshots are taken from the presentation):

  • Collapsed menus by default in XPRESS, XPERT, and WORKFILES modules

    • Last configuration of collapsed and expanded menus is persistent from one session to the next.
  • A customizable keywords search scroll menu
    • Select fields to search (XPERT only).
    • Default = /BI/SA.
    • A tooltip shows the selected fields for each box.
    • Each selection remains the same from one session to the next.

Select which fields to include in a keyword search.

  • Terms not found
    • “Terms not found” listed in the Hitlist display: new, more visible position.
    • Tooltip remains until user closes it.
    • Now available from Search History page as a permanent tooltip.

“Terms not found” tooltip.

  • Search box & History
    • Search box now wider in the main top toolbar.
    • Last search step displayed by default.
    • Search box now wider in the main top toolbar within the WORKFILES module.
    • Search History accessible from scroll down menu  in the XPERT module.

Search history in scroll down menu.

  • New toolbar in the XPERT and WORKFILES modules
    • Select button options: select records from the current page / all records / none / range of records.
    • Linked to the hitlist.
    • Hidden by default for a less cluttered interface.
    • Applies to a selection only.
    • Icons vs words (space optimization).
    • New, more visible tooltips.
    • Customizable: right-click for choice of action buttons to display in toolbar. Show icons only, or icons & labels.

Select which icons to include in the new toolbar.

  • “Display” button in XPERT module

    • Options from drop-down menu include Drawings / KWIC / Custom.
    • Edit Custom: pick fields to display in Hitlist, set the order and layout (columns vs rows).

“Display” menu option.

  • Customized view of Preview panel in XPERT module
    • Only works when Hitlist is also displaying the Custom view, too.

Customized view option for Preview panel.

  • Contextual toolbar in XPERT module
    • All actions refer to a specific panel.

Actions referring to a specific panel.

  • “Compare” feature in XPERT module
    • Moved from main toolbar to family table. Applies to each specific doc.

Compare icon in family table.

  • Highlighting enhancement in XPERT module
    • Consistent throughout the session, even after a combination of non-keywords search steps.
  • Search enhancements
    • “W” / “AV” and “D” / “M” operators can now be extended to 99.
  • Number search enhancement in XPERT module
    • Possibility to select a specific source (US only, EP only, etc.).
  • Interface “cleanup” in XPERT module
    • No more unnecessary icons. displayed in tabs.
    • All classification info presented in lines (vs columns): space optimization.
    • Applies to exports too.
    • Legal Status Info more understandable: less codes.
    • Register links now available from the Legal Status tab.

Icons no longer displayed in tabs.

  • New INPADOC family table & navigation

New INPADOC family table.

Choose to export a link to GenomeQuest.

  • GenomeQuest link to Orbit (export)


The new features described in the presentation about the beta portal will create a more streamlined interface that will speed up the patent search process through the system. Many of the updates offer small but useful improvements that cumulatively will make the portal much more user-friendly and intuitive.  Hopefully all changes will be implemented in the near future through the beta portal and made fully available on the main portal, too.

What do you think of the new features?  Let us know in the comments!

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This post was contributed by Joelle Mornini. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.

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