Search Resource Round-Up: EAST Training Package, 7 New Patent Translate Languages, and SureChem Direct!

Intellogist isn’t able to hand out candy during Halloween, but we do have some treats ready.  Instead of candy corn (who needs more of that, anyways?) we have a variety of useful patent search resources for you to sink your teeth into.  During a recent foray onto the USPTO website, I noticed that there was now an introductory training package available for EAST (Examiner Automated Search Tool), so we’ll take a quick look at this helpful learning resource.  Patent search professionals are constantly on the lookout for updates to both free and subscription patent search tools which may improve their prior art searches, so I was excited to hear about two such updates: the recent release of the chemical patent search product SureChemDirect and the addition of seven languages to the Patent Translate tool on Espacenet.

Continue reading for a round-up of patent search news and resources: the EAST training package, SureChemDirect, and the new languages on Patent Translate!

East Training Package

The USPTO now offers an EAST Training Package that is freely accessible on the USPTO website.  Select the link on the website and download a Word document which contains links to 10 training modules:

  •  Section 1 – Basic Overview
  • Section 2 – Workspace
  • Section 3 – Text Transfer
  • Section 4 – Using Index
  • Section 5 – Tagged Folders
  • Section 6 – Browser
  • Section 7 – Printing
  • Section 8 – Customizing Workspace
  • Section 9 – Tagged Folders
  • Section 10 – Thesaurus

The navigation menu for the EAST training package.

The modules consist of automated slide shows narrated by Richard Lehman.  If you’re interested in learning to use PubEAST (the public version of the Examiner Automated Search Tool, the primary search tool used by U.S. Patent Examiners), you can watch this introductory training material and then sign up for public training classes available for PubEAST at the USPTO Public Search Facility in Alexandria, VA.

Each module includes a narrated slideshow.


In August 2012, SureChem launched it’s new enterprise product, SureChemDirect. While the online chemical patent search tool SureChemOpen is free to use, SureChemDirect is a subscription-based enterprise product which has the following features (according to a comparison chart on the SureChem website):

  • Batch access to all chemistry & text data
  • API or data feed
  • Custom alerts
  • Chemical relevance filtering
  • Patent family searching
  • Integrate with internal resources
  • Complete data/query privacy

The following enhancement was announced for SureChemDirect in September 2012:

This series of optimisations brings major performance increases for searches in which one wants to retrieve documents for a set of chemical structure hits (known as documents-for-structures in SureChem parlance). It’s a computationally intensive process, especially with the numbers of structures and documents that SureChemDirect can access in batch mode. But now searches that took hours are down to minutes or seconds.

The final of the three SureChem search products, SureChemPro (also subscription-based), will be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2012.

New Languages on Patent Translate

The EPO is constantly releasing new enhancements for the free Espacenet search system (just look at the Major Recent Updates section of the System Report), and their most recent update will help users scan patent search results for relevance in a wider variety of languages, using the Patent Translate tool.  The Patent Translate tool was first released in February 2012 and uses Google Translate technology to enable machine translation of patent records on Espacenet from and to English for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish records.  The EPO website recently announced the addition of seven new languages on the Patent Translate tool:

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish

13 languages are now available through the Patent Translate tool.

It should be noted that though machine translation of patent records is useful for an initial judge of relevance while scanning search results, users shoud be sure to hire a professional patent translator if the patent record will be used for business or legal purposes.

More Resources Every Week….

The Intellogist Blog is updated every week with news on the latest patent and non-patent literature search tools, and the Intellogist website contains detailed System Reports on major patent and non-patent literature search systems.  Join the Intellogist site for free to view system comparisons and contribute to our growing collection of Community Reports.

Do you know of any interesting new patent or non-patent literature search tools that will be useful to prior art searchers?  Let us know in the comments section!
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This post was contributed by Joelle Mornini. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.


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  1. The problem with those new languages is that it’s unlikely for html claims or description to be available to use them on

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