Alert and Export Enhancements on TotalPatent, Plus Links to the European Patent Register!

Last time we looked at the TotalPatent System Report, a number of updates had been made to the patent search portal, including additional full text and bibliographic authorities, the ability for the Semantic Search feature to identify multiple concepts, increased download limits, a Merge tool to normalize data fields while analyzing the data, and improvements to the Work Folder feature. LexisNexis recently released another round of TotalPatent updates for October 2012, and we have a fresh overview of these enhancements provided by the LexisNexis website. The TotalPatent system now includes (or will eventually add) an export option for independent claims from US granted patents, links directly from EP records to the European Patent Register, better performance for displaying Work Folders and subfolders, and improvements to the alerts feature. Some of these enhancements seem to have been implemented, but the LexisNexis website is not particularly clear about the availability of these new features.

Stay up-to-date on the latest changes to the TotalPatent search system, and learn about recent export options, alert enhancements, and new European Patent Register links after the jump!

The LexisNexis website lists a new round of updates for the search system for October 2012:

  • New export option for independent claims in U.S. Granted patents –  Users will be able to export independent claims for US Grants after 1976 (currently in .CSV format).  This feature appears to be available in the Work Folders section, where users can select one or more US granted patents to download or email. The user can then choose to download/email the document in spreadsheet (CSV) format, and the user may also select which fields to include in the CSV export. An option to include only  independent or all claims in the export is displayed under the “Select Fields” menu.  The resulting CSV export will include only independent claims listed under the “Claims” column if the “Independent” option was selected.

Option to include only independent claims within a CSV export from the Work Folders section.

  • Link directly to European Patents Register – There is a direct link between EP records and the EP Register so that  users can easily check status. This enhancement does not yet seem to have been added to the system, based on checking the full record views for both granted EP patents and applications.
  • Work Folders and Subfolders – There is now “enhanced performance for displaying and searching Work Folders and subfolders.”  Although the Work Folders section of the TotalPatent portal appears unchanged, the “enhanced performance” may be referring to a faster processing speed when displaying and searching items in Work Folders/subfolders.
  • Alert Enhancements
    • Alerts now display up to 30 days of results.
    • Improved user interface design.
    • The View link goes to the Results List View rather than delivering a zipped file attachment.


Most of these enhancements are relatively minor, but they do indicate a continued effort by LexisNexis to regularly update the TotalPatent system.  LexisNexis has put out a number of enhancements to TotalPatent in 2012, including previous updates in March and July of 2012.  The section of the LexisNexis website which announces TotalPatent updates only gives very brief descriptions of these new features, without any explanations of how to access these enhancements (such as specifying where in the full record view the link to the European Patent Register is located).  The TotalPatent help files also seem to be slightly outdated, with the online files not containing any mention of these new features, and the current PDF user guide is dated from March 2011. Some of these features don’t appear to be available yet within the system, such as the links to the European Patent Register.  LexisNexis is consistently adding new features and enhancements to the TotalPatent portal, but it would be helpful if the user help information was updated concurrently with these new features and the announcements about the features were more descriptive.

What do you think of the latest TotalPatent enhancements?  Let us know in the comments!

Patent Information from Landon IP

This post was contributed by Joelle Mornini. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.


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