10 Important Resources on the WIPO Website for IP Professionals

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] If you’ve worked in the IP field for any length of time, you’ve heard of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). WIPO defines itself as “the United Nations agency dedicated to the use of intellectual property (patents, copyright, trademarks, designs, etc.) as a means of stimulating innovation and creativity.”  WIPO oversees crucial international IP services such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks, and  the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs. The WIPO website is a massive resource that offers a variety of information and search tools for IP professionals, and patent searchers will find the PATENTSCOPE search system to be a very useful free tool for searching through patent documents from multiple country collections and millions of PCT applications.  The WIPO website is an incredibly broad resource, so this post will briefly look at just 10 of the numerous valuable tools accessible through the site.

Read on to learn about ten important resources for IP professionals that can be found for free on the WIPO website!

Here are just a few of the many tools accessible through the English-language version of the WIPO website:

1. WIPO GOLD – The Intellogist Blog previously explored three of the search systems (Global Brand Database, PATENTSCOPE, and WIPO Lex) available through the WIPO GOLD portal, which defines itself as “a one-stop gateway to WIPO’s global collections of searchable IP data.”  This portal organizes the multiple search tools and data resources available on the WIPO website under simple categories like Technology, Law & Treaties, Brands, Classifications, etc. The WIPO GOLD portal provides users access to:

  • PATENTSCOPE – Patent documents from multiple country collections, as well as over 2 million PCT applications.
  • WIPO Lex – National laws and treaties on intellectual property of WIPO, WTO, and UN Members.
  • Global Brand Database – Brands and marks from multiple authorities.
  • Goods and Services Manager – Goods and Services classification search and organizer.
  • Classifications – Search IPC (patents), Nice/Vienna (marks), and Locarno (designs).
  • UDRP Decisions – WIPO cases and panel decisions on domain name disputes.
  • WIPO Standards – A list of WIPO standards, recommendations and guidelines.
  • WIPOSTAD – the WIPO Standards Administration Database (still under development).
  • International Registrations – Search through international registrations for designs.
  • WIPO Statistics – Various statistics on patents, trademarks, designs, utility models, plant varieties, and microorganisms.

The WIPO GOLD portal.

2. IP Statistics – Users can access this data through the WIPO GOLD portal or from the main home page (under the Resources drop-down menu). The IP Statistics page allows users to access statistics on various types of IP (patents, utility models, trademarks, industrial designs, plant varieties, and microorganisms) and statistics from international IP systems administered by WIPO (PCT, Madrid, and Hague). The main IP Statistics page also links to various statistical publications created by WIPO, such as WIPO IP Facts and Figures, 2012 edition (which we looked at in an earlier post).

3. WIPO Magazine – In a previous post, we profiled WIPO Magazine as an important patent news source. This bimonthly publication provides the latest news on WIPO-related activities and in-depth articles on fascinating IP issues.  Users can access back-issues of the magazine from 2005 onwards, and an interface allows users to search through only WIPO magazine articles.

4. Directory of Intellectual Property Offices – This alphabetical list of intellectual property offices and regional offices includes the country, link to contact details, and link to the official website (when available) for each listed office.  Users can also search for information by country (including both WIPO members and non-members).

An alphabetical directory of IP offices from around the world.

5. IP Advantage Database –  According to the homepage of the database, “The IP Advantage database provides a one-stop gateway to case studies that chronicle the intellectual property (IP) experiences of inventors, creators, entrepreneurs and researchers from across the globe.” The homepage includes a slideshow of featured studies, as well as simple, advanced, and full text (keyword) search forms for locating relevant studies.

6. Search Meetings and Documents – Search for information and documents related to WIPO conferences, meetings, and seminars.  This search interface allows users to search by meeting (code, title, date, or country) or by meeting document (keyword search).  The WIPO calender of events, online registrations for events, new documents, meetings by topic,  webcasts, and option to subscribe to the WIPO e-newsletter are also accessible through a side-menu on this page.

7. WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook: Policy, Law and Use – Users can freely access a PDF version of this work, which the WIPO website describes as follows:

This general reference work, published in 2004, covers all aspects of intellectual property (IP), including international treaties and conventions, the administration and enforcement of IP rights and WIPO’s work in its Member States.  Issues such as electronic commerce, biotechnology, traditional knowledge and management of copyright and related rights are also covered.

8. WIPO Handbook on Industrial Property Information and Documentation – This handbook is described as “the authoritative source of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines in the field of industrial property information and documentation.”  The handbook is divided into eight sections, and a small menu on the right side of the page links to a full list of WIPO standards (also accessible through the WIPO GOLD portal), a list of Tracked Changes Files, and an Archives section that contains outdated documents, examples, and surveys.

9. Free Information Products – Search through this central interface to locate all free WIPO publications. This search form allows users to search by category, year, or title. The information available through this interface doesn’t include official WIPO documents (which can be searched through the “Search Meetings and Documents” interface).

10. WIPO News via RSS – Subscribe to a variety of news feeds to stay up-to-date on a wide range of WIPO news, including patents, PCT Newsletter, and PATENTSCOPE Search System News. This page even links to a section about How to use RSS for patent searches.

The resources listed above are just a sampling of the information and tools available through the WIPO website.  I’d recommend viewing the Site Map for a hierarchical list of the main sections of the website, or use the simple keyword search form in the upper right corner of the page to search the entire website.  The site is also available in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Russian, or you can use a machine translation resource like Google Translate to translate the page into your language of choice. The WIPO website is a central resource for patent, trademark, copyright, and other types of IP professionals from all over the globe, so explore this website to gain a deeper knowledge of the IP field and to locate useful search tools.

Are there any other important IP websites that contain a range of news, information, and search tools?  Let us know in the comments!

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This post was contributed by Joelle Mornini. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.


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