4 Fun Back to School Patents

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Depending on where you live, it’s starting to get to be that time again. No, I’m not talking about the EPL (best to ignore that for now) or American football starting up again. I’m talking about that harrowing day where the ice cream trucks stop chiming, the sprinklers turn off, and the kids head out with their parents to get the latest supplies since it’s “Back to School” time. No, I don’t I mean the awesome Rodney Dangerfield movie featuring the amazing Triple Lindy that would win any Olympic diving meet. As kids are herded from store to store looking for school supplies and clothes without stains and giant holes, here are patents of the things that a young child would actually want for that first day of school…

1) Folding box diorama toy – US 5,542,870 A


This, is a diorama.

What’s a diorama? That’s what your child’s friends will say when you bring one of these bad boys to show and tell. Your kid will be the king of homeroom in no time.

2) Notebook organizer including slidable element – US 5,058,736 A


I wonder how fast you can text on that binder calculator…

This notebook organizer holds all of your child’s school supplies, saving you time in the morning while preparing for school. No more getting stabbed by a loose pen in the couch for you.

3) Student desk – US 7,571,959 B2


This desk puts Short Sammy and Tall Timmy on equal footing.

Students tend to slouch, so an adjustable Posturific chair is the perfect solution for slouching. A child’s developing bones will grow nice and straight in no time.

4) Paper Launching Apparatus – US 2011/0017184 A1

tp throw

It’s simple physics, really. Longer lever arm = greater force with the same rotational speed.

The start of school means that Halloween is just around the corner. Help your child practice TPing the teacher with this handy device.

Next time: Danny relives his school days when he heard the news that a new Bill and Ted movie could be coming out soon. Excellent!

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