Free Features of Patent Buddy, Part 2: Create a Patent Portfolio and View Top Patent Attorneys

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] Last time, we looked at the patent search and analysis options of the online community Patent Buddy.  Patent Buddy is a free patent search and analysis website originally created by a group of patent attorneys in 2007.  The site offers free search of US patent records after 1980, as well as search sections for patent owners, inventors, IPC classes, patent attorneys, and patent firms.  The site also includes some data visualization features, such as a breakdown of patent owners within a specific IPC class.

Registered users of Patent Buddy get the added benefit of access to the Dashboard, My Portfolio and Following sections of the website, where the user can select to receive updates related to chosen patent records, owners, inventors, and technology classes.  Patent Buddy also includes a community for registered users, who can view a directory of other members (and add their profile to the directory), join groups, and post or view job offers.  Finally, Patent Buddy has created its own lists of top-rated patent prosecutors, firms, owners, and inventors.

Continue reading to learn about these portfolio, alert, and community features of Patent Buddy!

As mentioned in the last post, users will see a horizontal menu of tabs at the top of the page after logging in to the Patent Buddy website.

The main menu on Patent Buddy.

The menu includes the following sections:

  • Dashboard – View your personal account details, with options to edit preferences or add new patents to your portfolio. View groups that you are following, status updates for any patents, patent owners, inventors, or technology classes you are following, and any updates on group activity.

The Dashboard section on Patent Buddy.

  • My Portfolio – Users can select the “Manage Portfolio” link to view a list of all patent records currently in their portfolio. These records can be deleted from the list, and users can also access links to add patents to the list, add all patents from a single owner, add all patents from an inventor, or remove all patents from the portfolio. The site does not list the maximum number of patents that can be added to the portfolio, but attempts to add 10,000 records at one time (by a single patent owner) resulted in an error message. Under the main Portfolio tab, the section will list the following information and statistics about the patent records currently in the portfolio:
    • Number of total patents issued
    • Number of total patents filed
    • Recent publication date
    • Details – number of issued patents, number issued in last 3 years, number published in last 3 years, total citation count, and earliest filing date
    • Technologies – Main IPC classes (with the option to view subclasses and top owners within a class)
    • Top patents by citation
    • Recent publications
    • Top inventors in portfolio
    • Forward cites

Statistics and analysis of a portfolio created on Patent Buddy.

  • Search and Analytics – See the previous blog post for all search and analysis options available on Patent Buddy.
  • Following – View the latest status updates on patents/applications, owners, inventors, or technology classes that you selected to follow. The section notes that patents listed in “My Portfolio” are followed automatically. The Technology Class update section allows the user to view records added to the IPC class within the past 7 days. Through this tab, you can also edit the lists of followed patents, owners, inventors, and technology classes.
  • Jobs – View job listings or post a job. Select a job listing to view additional details, a job description, requirements, and how to apply.
  • Directory – Search users of the site by last name, or browse an alphabetical list. The full record for each member includes current and past work history, education, experience, the member’s patent portfolio, groups joined by the member, and any additional information. Information in the member profile is based off of information provided by the user and therefore may be incomplete.
  • Groups – View the list of groups you belong to, a list of suggested groups, and select to add a new group.
  • Top Rated – View lists of top prosecutors, firms, owner, and inventors, as selected by Patent Buddy.
    • Top Prosecutors – Refine the list by technology, last name, region, or state. The full profile for a top prosecutor includes the name, contact information, technology areas, registration information, a picture and biography (when available), and a map of the prosecutor’s office location.
    • Top Firms – Refine the top firm list by year (2008-2010) or state. Select a firm from the list to view the full firm record.
    • Top Owners – View a list of the “top 500 patent owners receiving patents in 2010.”

The list of Top Prosecutors on Patent Buddy.

Registered users can define their preferences for their profile, including their country location, whether they want their information included in the Patent Buddy directory, and the option to receive daily, weekly, or monthly updates on employment opportunities and follow results. Users may also change their email address and password from the preferences page.


The portfolio option on Patent Buddy will allow users to view broad trends for a small selected dataset of US patent records.  However, for a detailed and customized analysis of large patent datasets for both US and non-US documents, users should utilize professional patent analysis services.  The “follow” options on Patent Buddy will allow users to receive updates on new US patent records for specific IPC classes, inventors, or owners, but for alerts on non-US documents, users will need a subscription patent search system with broader coverage.  In general, the customization and alert options offered by Patent Buddy are excellent for a free service, but the US-only coverage of the site limits the usefulness of the features.

Patent Buddy also offers some online community features that are geared towards networking and professional development between patent attorneys and agents.  There are many social media and networking options for patent professionals (including Intellogist), so Patent Buddy may be another platform on which you want to post your profile.

Although Patent Buddy has some drawbacks, such as limited coverage and basic search features, the site also offers a variety of analysis, alert, portfolio, and community-building tools that may help patent professionals with both patent searching and networking.

Do you know of any sites similar to Patent Buddy that provide both patent search and networking opportunities?  Tell us about them in the comments section!

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This post was contributed by Joelle Mornini. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.


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